September 30, 2022

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The Afterparty “Danner”

Season One, Episode Seven.

Apparently, this episode is supposed to be a parody of the police thriller/procedural as Danner relates what is more or less her origin story.  For the record, while I liked the episode very much, I didn’t get the cop story vibe off of it that much.

We now return to another write-up where I don’t know what to say because it’s a half-hour comedy.

See, Danner was never supposed to take this case.  She was supposed to step aside for some hotshot detective from L.A.  Except, she knows the guy, and he’s a real snickerdoodle.

Apparently, they both started off in the same class at the police academy, where he nicknamed her “Mad Dog” despite the fact she wasn’t doing nearly as well on the obstacle course.  But she graduated and did have her skills even if her uniformed partner was more apathetic than anything else.  She’s the one who can speak with some level of comfort to an old lady complaining about porch theft, and she can get the old lady to show off a doorbell video of the thief.

Then it looks like the thief killed a woman at a different porch theft in the wealthier part of town.  Said woman was the wife of the producer/writer of a popular cop show, and also Fred Savage.  As in played by Fred Savage.  Not actually Fred Savage.

Point is, Danner finds things a little too convenient, and she ends up helping out Detective Snickerdoodle from the police academy.  But it’s Danner and her partner who find the porch thief, but it is also Danner who realizes the porch thief didn’t actually kill anyone.  Such that, while Detective Snickerdoodle just wants to close the case and send a young woman with a little bit of pot and a stolen devil egg maker away for murder, Danner goes off and finds enough evidence to give to the girl’s lawyer and keep her out of prison.  Yes, the real killer (probably Fred Savage) is never caught and punished, but the girl who stole a porch package goes free.  She can even keep the package since the old lady already got a replacement for free.

And for that, Danner went to the evidence room until she transferred to a small town.

That’s not a bad story.

Zoe and Aniq seem to think so since they were listening in the whole time.  Zoe didn’t even mind that the guys were listening to her story earlier.  Zoe is cool.

Danner’s partner less so since he called the captain to say something and found Aniq’s phone.

Never mind.  Danner says she cracked the case.  She just needs to interview one last witness…

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