July 16, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Macra Terror Part 4”

The Second Doctor. "The Macra Terror," Final Episode.

You know, those Macra weren’t that impressive in the end…though they did have lovely speaking voices for giant crabs.

A number of factors make the Macra less impressive, not the least of which is Jamie can hold them off with just a large stick.  The Doctor by then has figured out the Macra essentially need the poison gas to live, and they’re more like bacteria or diseases or something as opposed to being…giant crabs.

They sure do look like giant crabs, though.

As it is, the Doctor’s fiddling with the controls gets the gas rerouted enough to allow Jamie to escape the mines using an old elevator.  Then he nearly joins a glee club that sings songs about how good mindless obedience is.  They want him to dance.  He only knows the Highland Fling.  Too bad Ben ratted him out.

Jamie is mostly just disappointed.

The rest of the episode has the Doctor more or less tricking everyone.  Why send guards to arrest him and Polly when they finally get to see the Pilot if the Doctor just surrendered?  He can get past brainwashing pretty easily too by simply chatting quietly with people in a friendly tone.  Heck, just showing people the Macra is usually enough.  When the entire control room is swarming with the things, it doesn’t take much to convince anyone that they aren’t in charge, and Ben comes to his senses all on his own, just in time to save the others when the time is right.

Not much of a brainwashing system, is it?

By then, the Doctor and the Pilot have reconfigured the pipes to blast the Macra in the control room with a giant explosion.  Not sure what that does for the Macra under the colony, but it’s a start, and it also means most of the characters will live to see another serial, even the ones that won’t actually be appearing in another serial.  Except for that Medok guy, of course.

Anyway, to review, giant crab monsters have nice speaking voices, but they also can’t make particularly intelligent slaves, their brainwashing techniques aren’t that good, and a good stick can hold them off rather nicely.

Also, they can be killed with a good explosion.

Still, I do wonder what the Macra looked like in live action.

Now, what should I cover here next…