December 7, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Macra Terror Part 2”

The Second Doctor. "The Macra Terror," Episode Two.

Man, I wish I could have seen this episode in its original form.  Those giant crabs must have been something else…

Yes, giant crabs!  They walk in, look around, prove Medok wasn’t seeing things, and that should be good enough for other people.  I mean, it’s good enough for the Doctor.

Wait, the Doctor is always more reasonable than other people, but at least his calm demeanor when security shows up means no one gets shot.  Medok gets taken away to be reprogrammed or something.  The Doctor is taken to see the Pilot.  Too bad the Pilot is a human with only two arms and not a blue thing with three or four.

Maybe I can Jimmy into a Farscape rewatch…

Now, the Doctor does seem to talk his way out if for now, but the Controller comes in with instructions that the Doctor and his friends are to be fixed and are to NEVER MENTION THE MACRA.

Yes, he shouts that last part.

Wait, no one mentioned the Macra by name before then.  No one can talk about the Macra if they don’t know what a Macra is.

Plus, it turns out that subliminal system they use is only good about a third of the time.  Jamie hears the voice and thinks it’s evil and wakes up.  Polly is snapped awake when the Doctor shows up to sabotage it.  Ben…thinks he needs to do work in the mines and not complain while doing whatever Pilot and Controller want him to do.


Well, the Doctor gets arrested for sabotage.  Jamie goes with him because Jamie knows what loyalty is.  Polly yells at Ben to stop being a doofus, and that’s where they see…the giant crabs!  One even picks Polly up and manhandles her…or crabhandles or something.  Ben may be a working cog for this colony, but he’s still a brave and loyal man when crab monsters try to run off with his friends.  Good for him even if he is brainwashed.

OK, now the PIlot wants to know what’s really going on, and so does the Doctor.  Can they see the Controller?  Not a still picture.  The actual Controller.  Sure.

He looks older.

And the voice isn’t his.

And a crab monster might be the real Controller.

Well, at least I know why they don’t want the colonists to know the Macra to exist.