March 3, 2024

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Gotham “To Our Deaths And Beyond”

Season Four, Episode Nineteen.

I am all for Alexander Siddig appearing in more stuff.  But c’mon.  If you’re going to include his name in the opening credits for an entire season, please use the guy already!

Oh, he’s back?  Never mind.

Look, this is Gotham, and this is a show that tosses a lot of stuff out to see what sticks but then does other stuff anyway.  Like, there’s a whole Riddler/Lee/Penguin plot here that shows Lee’s playing Robin Hood for the people of the Narrows while Riddler seems to integrate his two selves because someone finally remembered Ed Nygma isn’t Two-Face.  It’s not a bad plot for this show per se, and it does keep Gordon busy, but there’s an attempt there to explain why Lee went from Arkham doctor to GCPD medical examiner to…sorta crime boss, and for the life of me, I can’t see how even Riddler’s explanation for how it works actually works as a character arc, but then again, at least Lee has a character arc which is more than I can say for Jim Gordon, who is basically just “good cop” depending on how many criminals he needs to work with to solve the problem of the week.

Instead, the show gets down to my favorite sort of Barbara plotline:  the one where the universe itself seems to be out to tell her she is not a criminal mastermind.  She has her loyal followers from the League of Assassins, but the others are working first with Tabitha and then Selina, Bruce, and Alfred to keep “the demon’s head” power out of Barbara’s hands…literally.  It makes her hand light up and everything.  What exactly is wrong with how Barbara is using the power that will, when she finally learns how to use it, allow her to see the future and stuff?

She only uses it for petty reasons.

Like, duh.

Even the show acknowledges that when Tabitha basically also says, “Like, duh.”

So, that means stealing the knife that can kill Ra’s.  Granted, Bruce and Alfred know it only works if Bruce uses it, but no one else listens to that kid.  Maybe Selina.  They do manage to resurrect Ra’s as a zombie thing that has what may be Alexander Siddig or a stuntman of some sort and some ADR of Siddig’s voice, but he’s wearing a so-so rubber mask under a cowl.  Sure, the process is finished when he gets Barbara to hand over the power on her own, but that only comes from her seeing the future and seeing anything else she tries will get her or Tabitha killed.

Meanwhile, everyone tells Barbara she sucks at crime.  Even that painting she held as proof of her destiny, she’s told by Ra’s, was of a prostitute he killed later, not some great lady or something, and I didn’t even think it looked that much like her.  Basically, Barbara was given great power to change the world, and she just wanted to be Queen of Gotham at best.  She doesn’t listen to Bruce, and that gets the knife broken because, surprise surprise, it doesn’t kill Ra’s when she stabs him with it.

Dude, Barbara, you are not good at this.

She somehow still has loyal followers after this though.  No, I can’t explain that.  This is Gotham.  Making sense is a bonus.

However, Ra’s is alive again, Lee is in lock-up, and Barbara will easily forget she is not an entitled criminal mastermind in an episode or two.  I will keep going with this because I actually like Gotham for what it is, and I’ve gotten this far.