December 2, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Macra Terror Part 1”

The Second Doctor. "The Macra Terror," Episode One.

Well, I opted to go to the next serial after the one I just finished, an entirely animated one in color, and I prefer the animated style to this one a lot more than I did what I saw in “The Moonbase”.

Regardless, let’s see what was up with that giant crab claw.

OK, to be fair, the giant crab claw hasn’t grabbed the TARDIS…yet.  No, more like the Doctor checked his rarely-used time scanner on the TARDIS and saw the near future, much against the advice of, well, all three of his companions.  They land the TARDIS on another planet where some bearded guy with a bowl cut is making a run for it from a colony of some kind where a still picture of “the Controller” hangs in places like a regular Big Brother.  Everyone in that colony seems happy all the time, like they’re drugged or something.

Naturally, the bowl cut guy, Medok, finds the time travelers and Ben tackles him.  The colony’s security force comes over, thanks the Doctor and his friends, and invites them back to the neverending party at the colony.  The colony there produces gas for…some reason, but it doesn’t look like anyone is actually working there.  Everyone seems to be having fun except that Medok guy, but he is going to the dungeons.  If anything, all the partying makes the Doctor a little concerned.

Also, no one is allowed out at night.  There’s a curfew.

So, while Jamie, Ben, and Polly don’t seem to mind things, the Doctor keeps slipping out.  He seems to have let Medok out, but he was tied up and took his place, so between that and being the guy who caught Medok in the first place, he manages to get off.  But Medok saw something.  Something scary.  Something big.  Something that only comes out at night.

So, naturally, even while there are “shoot to kill” orders put on for Medok, the Doctor still slips off at night and finds the guy’s hiding spot.

Oh, and there’s a giant crab monster walking around nearby.

Yeah, I get the impression the gas and the crabs are not good things.  Plus, nonstop partying is never really a good thing.

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