September 29, 2023

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Yellowjackets “Saints”

Season One, Episode Six.

Are we supposed to believe that Misty is not just an adult Wednesday Adams?  Because she really makes me think she could be an adult Wednesday Adams if she opted to be perky instead of gloomy.

I feel like I am going to be waxing euphoric over Misty for quite some time because, well, as awesome as Natalie, Shauna, and Taissa have been, Misty has been on some other level.  She’s got Natalie’s motel cottage under surveillance, and by the time this episode is over, she has “reporter” Jessica chained to a bed in her basement.  Apparently, when you have access to medication and a lot of patience, it isn’t that hard to drug someone and take them home.

That all goes down as the other three are doing their own thing.  In Shauna’s case, it’s finding out how much her husband Jeff really cares for her.  Apparently, once a year for Jackie’s birthday, she and Jeff go to Jackie’s parents’ house where she gets to hear how awesome Jackie was, even to the point where Shauna gets a gift that reminds her parents of Jackie.  Jackie’s parents are…not cool people.  It looks like they have money and a high opinion of Jackie while a lesser opinion of Shauna…until Jeff lets them both know he was sleeping with Shauna before Jackie disappeared because he’s tried of seeing his wife disrespected and left feeling uncomfortable by these people.

Somehow, Jeff doesn’t seem to be the type to cheat if that’s the case.

If anything, it does seem to be that stuff in the past is the key to the present.  Lottie ran out of her meds in the past, and she sees things.  Oddly enough, she sees things that may or may not predict the future.  Like, as a small child, she kept her parents from getting killed in a car accident.  As a teen, she keeps seeing a deer with antlers covered by what looks like blood and gore.  So, while couples are forming (mostly Taissa and a girl named Van plus Natalie and Travis), Lottie needs some answers and opts to ask the religious girl Laura Lee.

Yeah, that can’t be a good idea.

Oh, it really isn’t a good idea.  Laura Lee assumes Lottie is having visions and takes her off to be baptized.

So, to summarize:  a girl who probably has some kind of schizophrenia was convinced by her ultra-religious teammate that the stuff she sees are divine visions.

No, not a good idea.

Not sure Taissa’s idea to try and find help is any better, and at least Shauna thought twice before trying to give herself that abortion.

Do I expect a bunch of teenagers with raging hormones and little actual life experience to make good decisions in the woods?  No.  The closest I could see to anyone doing anything right was when the coach handed Travis his condom stash.  That guy was looking to get laid a lot.

So, can things get worse?  Besides the fact Taissa in the present may have a split personality?

Sure!  In the past, Natalie and Travis manage to get that deer Lottie was seeing in her visions.  Coach Ben says the antler thing is actually normal.  The fact there are maggots crawling around its insides, probably not so much.

Oh yeah, Lottie’s “visions” are going to be a problem.

Now tell me Misty isn’t really Wednesday.