September 28, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Moonbase Part 4”

The Second Doctor. "The Moonbase," Final Episode.

One upside to the animation is it can make the story a wee bit more expansive.  Part Three, which was animated, showed an army of Cybermen tromping across the moon.  This last chapter is in live action, and aside from one shot, it doesn’t seem as if there are ever more than five Cybermen on display at any given moment.

Five ain’t much of an army.

OK, so, I started this one hoping to learn more about the kind of characters Ben and Polly were.  And here’s what I got:

Ben works well with Jamie when it comes to setting up barricades and the like.  As long as he isn’t accusing Jamie of trying to impress Polly, everything is just fine between the two.

Polly apparently makes coffee, and her coffee skills are instrumental towards saving the day.

And on that second part, I am not even joking.  She made coffee in part two which helped the Doctor realize the sugar was contaminated, and in part four, the tray she was using is the exact size and shape needed to temporarily patch a hole in the moonbase’s hull and prevent all the air from leaking out.  Sure, Polly doesn’t figure out the sugar thing or use the tray to plug the hole herself, but that’s two times where the simple fact that Polly made coffee somehow allowed others to do some good towards stopping the Cybermen.

Actually, the Cybermen here use the gravitrons that the moonbase regulates to control Earth’s weather to send a relief ship full of men and weapons into the sun.  On the one hand, the moon and the sun aren’t that close together, so that seemed a bit much.  However, it did strike me that the Second Doctor once did the same thing to a ship full of Ice Warriors, so maybe he learned it from the Cybermen.

Then again, the Doctor also realizes that playing with gravitrons will take care of the Cybermen.  All of them.  Even their multiple invasion ships.  This being the black-and-white era, the special effects actually work a little better.  That means watching model flying saucers land isn’t completely terrible, nor is it particularly bad to watch Cybermen suddenly find themselves floating away off the moon.  Granted, I have no idea where the Doctor and the men of the moonbase zapped them to, but he zapped ’em somewhere.  Maybe they went into the sun.  Since the Cybermen were walking around just fine on the moon’s surface, it isn’t like they’re going to suffocate out in the vacuum or something.  They might be floating for a very long time.

So, that’s that.  The Doctor saved the day, even if it was more of a group effort, and now he and the others can slip off the TARDIS and go somewhere else.

Or they would if the TARDIS wasn’t nabbed by a giant crab claw according to some screen that can see the future.

Maybe I should do that story next.

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