August 11, 2022

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The Afterparty “Zoe”

Season One, Episode Six.

Ok, so, I am a wee bit baffled this time around.  So far, each episode of The Afterparty has taken the form of a different genre, and for this episode, the genre appears to be some sort of animation.  It’s not a kid show style.  It’s more of an adult style.  So…is it supposed to be a particular show or style, or is “animation” by itself just supposed to be a genre?  It gives the episode a unique look, and it’s still quite funny, but I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be parodying a certain type of show or not.

Anyway, it’s Zoe’s turn.  Aniq is sure she’s innocent.  She, well, is.  Her point seems to be anyone could be guilty depending on how you look at things, maybe something of a theme for this show.  Likewise, the main idea here for Zoe’s tale seems to be that she has many conflicting voices inside of her that lead her to make the decisions she made at the reunion and afterwards.  In animation, that means different versions of Zoe can argue with themselves and cause her trouble.  In the real world, well, the one time she is talking to herself, she gets a funny look from Danner.

So, Zoe’s plan was to go to the reunion, avoid obvious butthead Brett, try not to talk to Chelsea, and see if she can have fun for once in her life like she used to in high school.  That brings about the main conflict of the episode, namely the one between young and fun Zoe, with what looks like giant shoulder pads, and somewhat older, calmer, and more responsible Zoe who makes lists and isn’t anywhere near as spontaneous as Fun Zoe.

For the record, there are three more Zoes.  There’s Annoying Pothead Zoe that comes out like a doped up hippie when Zoe gets stoned, there’s the pintsized Angry Zoe that looks like a rabid dog in human form, and then there’s Mama Bear Zoe that looks like an actual bear and comes out when something appears amiss with daughter Maggie.  Fun Zoe wants to hook up with Xavier because he’s exciting and, well, that may be about it.  Responsible Zoe likes Aniq since he listens and makes her laugh.

In the end, the Five Zoes all realize that partying is fun, Aniq ain’t so bad, so are a lot of other people, and one of the Jennifers was the one sending Chelsea those threatening text messages as a joke.  The episode shows a bit of Zoe’s perspective on the make-up conversations with Brett and Chelsea, and in the end, well, she maybe cleared her own name but not Aniq’s which may or may not have been her actual goal.

It doesn’t help that Aniq and Yasper found a way to eavesdrop on Danner and Zoe, or that Danner’s partner more or less caught them.  Aniq might be in a lot of trouble.

Then again, so is Danner.  She wasn’t supposed to be working this case.

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