July 20, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Moonbase Part 3”

The Second Doctor. "The Moonbase," Episode Three.

Dang.  After a fun live action episode, it’s back to another animated recreation, and the animation styles in these things seem to appeal to me less and less with each one of them.

And as much as I’d like to see them do a recreation of Jamie’s first story, apparently the studio declined because the clothing was a bit too detailed to animate or something.

Regardless, there are Cybermen on the moon, and they want to use the weather control machine on the moon to wipe out all life on Earth.  Now, I could point out–again–that the tides alone don’t really control the weather, but I don’t exactly check out a show about a time traveling alien that gets a new face every few years for realistic takes on science.  Besides, there’s another thing worth noting:  the Cybermen don’t want to assimilate everyone.

I’d say more about that, but they were still new characters back then.  The idea that they wanted to “upgrade” everyone hadn’t happened yet.  Also they don’t have their gold weakness because while the Doctor is herded into the control room with most of the surviving staff, many of whom are more alive than initially thought because the sick weren’t killed.  Instead, they were turned into mindless drones to run the weather machine.  That leaves Polly, Ben, and a suddenly completely fine Jamie alone in the infirmary where they basically toss together whatever chemicals they can find into something that may or may not dissolve the Cybermen’s chest units.

All that means is the Cybermen are taken out by the three companions welding squirt bottles while the Doctor goes fiddling with a knob on one’s chest.  Plus, it looks like Ben and Jamie might be competing for Polly’s affections, but that’s kinda silly.

So, that’s it?  The day is saved now, right?  Well, I suppose a three part serial is possible even if I’ve never really seen one before.

Wait, that was too easy.  I mean, the Cybermen don’t usually come in groups of maybe seven.  And the Doctor didn’t really do all that much, and his name (sort of) is the title of the show.  Letting the three companions do most of the work is a wee bit unusual as it is.

So, there has to be something more?  Like, a lot more?

Oh, wait, there’s an army of Cybermen marching across the moon.  They’re gonna need a lot more spray bottles.