February 27, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Conundrum”

The entire crew loses their memories.

When Jimmy and Tom have these chats, there are a few running jokes between the two.  One is that Jimmy claims to have a horrible memory.

What happens when the crew of the Enterprise can’t really remember anything?  That’s what happens in this episode, and Jimmy and Tom have some opinions on the matter…as long as they remember to share ’em.



A strange flash causes the entire crew to lose their memories.

jimmy:  Riker, you got some ‘splaining to do.

tomk:  Why?  Because you missed the epic threesome that happened after the closing credits?

jimmy:  Maybe that’s on the DVD extras.

tomk:  You have those. You can check.

jimmy:  I’ll be back in a jiffy!

tomk:  Unless Jimmy forgets.

jimmy:  Forgets what?

tomk:  To check your DVDs for Next Generation After Hours.

jimmy:  Oh right!  I’ll be back in a jiffy!

tomk:  It’s a good thing I took this Bat-Anti-Memory-Eraser Pill.

jimmy:  That’s good. Or you may have forgotten that Worf may be MVP, but he’s not the Captain.

tomk:  Worf had the good grace to apologize afterwards. He’s a good man after all. Besides, we all know who the captain really is.

jimmy:  Either him or Duffman.

tomk:  He should stick to beer.

jimmy:  I thought he was going to do his best blue gills impersonation at the end there.

tomk:  Nah. You can only do that once.

jimmy:  Once is all you need.

tomk:  Not if you’ve used up your one shot and want to do it again.

jimmy:  Well, this time they just exposed whatever was wearing the Duffman skin, without exploding him.

tomk:  Yeah, the people with a powerful memory eraser that even works on computers and androids but still need to hijack the Enterprise to win their war.

jimmy:  Yeah, it was quite the beam. Besides wiping memories, it implanted his false identity into the system.

tomk:  I’m surprised the Jerkoids didn’t just mindwipe enemy ships and let the Unseen Alliance guys wipe themselves out.

jimmy:  But then we wouldn’t have a show.

tomk:  Maybe we’re just smarter than they are.

Picard could have been trying to stop the Alliance guys from murdering their own families.

jimmy:  I was thinking it was another in a long line of examples of tech that was more advanced than anything the Federation has, and could be useful, but is never mentioned again.

tomk:  You may have a point there. Wesley probably invented it anyway.

jimmy:  It was #evilwesley all along.

tomk:  But he couldn’t beat Picard, who asks Captain-like questions even when he doesn’t know he’s the captain.

jimmy:  He’s still Picard.   Just like Riker is still Riker.

tomk:  And Jimmy is still Impossible.

jimmy:  Indeed.

tomk:  But the crew were all still basically acting like themselves. Even if Data assumed he was a bartender.

jimmy:  My thought there is that the others could still follow their instincts. Which Data doesn’t have…?

tomk:  He still has his core programming. Or something.

jimmy:  His core programming that allows him to think he’s Guinan.

tomk:  Who was missing, probably hanging out with all the mind wiped kids.

jimmy:  Or asleep. Sometimes she works the Captain Jake shift.

tomk:  Something tells me Captain Jake is used to trying to remember who he is and what he does.

jimmy:  Lol, good point.

tomk:  The episode would have been much shorter if it happened on the night shift.

jimmy:  No one would have noticed.

tomk:  Unless Captain Jake didn’t remember what to do when he can’t remember.

jimmy:  Which is usually to tell the computer to wake Picard as he goes to bed.

tomk:  But he wouldn’t remember Picard either.

jimmy:  Does he ever?

tomk:  Did you remember to check for Next Generation After Hours?

jimmy:  I did not.  I’ll be back in a jiffy!

tomk:  This could take a while.

jimmy:  I couldn’t find it, but I popped this Jiffy Pop.  Delicious.

tomk:  So you came back with a Jiffy?

jimmy:  I did. Want some?

tomk:  Pass. It gets stuck in my teeth.

jimmy:  I knew you’d say that for some reason. Here’s a drink that turns orange and sparkly instead.

tomk:  It’s a bit too pretty to drink. I will give it to that guy who suddenly appeared in the break room.

Mr Wilbats or something.

jimmy:  So maybe I missed this, but did the Duffman aliens know anything about Starfleet/The Federation/The Enterprise prior to their scan?  Because that was an awful lot of information to absorb and then turn around and disrupt the computers and plant a spy on a few seconds.

tomk:  You missed nothing except the fact that Duffman left you a six pack of Pawtucket Pats.

jimmy:  That’s crossing the streams.

tomk:  Not according to the crossover episode.

Just ask the mole.

jimmy:  Now we’re really crossing the streams.

tomk:  Would you remember if we did?

jimmy:  I can’t forget something I don’t know yet…can I?

tomk:  You are the one who says you have a terrible memory. You on the ship for this episode would probably just be like “Tuesdays, amiright?”

jimmy:  Haha, so true.

tomk:  Would you have been suspicious of the Duffster?  Or would he remind you of Watson?

jimmy:  Probably Watson. He never really did anything suspicious until he tried to blow up dem aliens but good.

tomk:  Yeah, and trying to recruit Worf for his nefarious scheme. Smart move knowing you can only go so far without the MVP.

jimmy:  Worf would stil be Captain if the computer hadn’t ratted him out.

tomk:  But Picard would still be asking good questions.

Like whether or not Duffman was a high life flyer or a rainbow rider or a straight shooting son-of-a-gun.

jimmy:  Well, I didn’t expect a Three Dog Night reference today, but there it is.

tomk:  Picard also wants to know if you, Jimmy, are a joker, a smoker, or a midnight toker.

Autocorrect wanted to ask if you were a midnight Riker.

jimmy:  I can’t be Riker.  I only speak of the pompatus of love.  He’s the living embodiment of it.


The judges approve.

jimmy:  Speaking of Riker’s love, do they not have locks on their quarters?  Not that he was complaining that Ro let herself in, but what if it was the lunch lady or someone else he didn’t want in there rummaging around?

tomk:  You don’t wanna know what Barclay did to Riker’s trombone.

jimmy:  Lol. You’re right. I don’t.

tomk:  They live on a ship where everyone seems to get along all the time for some reason. Why get a lock when common courtesy is the rule of the day?

jimmy:  I get that they generally ring the doorbell before entering, but if I’m not home, I don’t want Geordi in getting his grubby hands all over my 400 year old Spider-Man comics.

tomk:  They’d probably all be digital by then.

jimmy:  That’s what I’ll tell Geordi anyways…

tomk:  He can’t read paper comics.

jimmy:  He can if the plot depends on it.

tomk:  What can you do if the plot depends on it?

jimmy:  Remember stuff.

tomk:  Like checking for Next Generation After Hours?

jimmy:  I thought you were doing that?

tomk:  You have the DVDs.

jimmy:  I do?

tomk:  Yes.


jimmy:  Well then.  I’ll be back in a jiffy!

tomk:  Maybe I should segue to the next one, this one with an evil threesome that isn’t at all sexual.

jimmy:  Evil threesome eh?

tomk:  Yes. Three characters turn evil and team up.

jimmy:  That’s intriguing.

tomk:  Are you interested in finding out more?

jimmy:  I am.

tomk:  In that case, you can probably forget about checking for Next Generation After Hours because you may be too busy negotiating a hostage crisis.

jimmy:  I will?  I’ll be back in a jiffy!

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