July 4, 2022

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Yellowjackets “Blood Hive”

Season One, Episode Five

OK, of the four main characters who exist in the past and the present, it seems each has gotten an episode to show a bit about them.  Now here’s episode five, so it might worth a little consideration to see where each of them is at the halfway point.


Major issues:  Infidelity.  Blackmail.

Is she seeing things that aren’t there?  Yes and no.  She keeps spotting Jackie, who I am guessing didn’t make it out of the woods.  And sometimes it isn’t Jackie.

Is she keeping secrets?  Not very well.

Worst thing she’s done so far?  Besides cheating on her husband Jeff, AKA Jackie’s high school boyfriend, the past shows she is pregnant by him, presumably.  However, when she tells a pack of lies to go to what looks like a somewhat tame Eyes Wide Shut party, she is found there by her daughter Callie.  She then successfully blackmails the girl to keep her mouth shut about mom’s new boyfriend.


Major issues:  Barely contained temper.

Is she seeing things that aren’t there?   Oh yeah.  She keeps seeing a wolf.

Is she keeping secrets?  As a politician, of course she is.  But her opponents seem to be demanding she “spill,” and in an effort to keep on some moral high ground, she’s refraining from using dirt she has on the guy.

Worst thing she’s done so far?  Taissa isn’t so much someone who has done bad things as someone who seems to be on the brink of doing so, but she always pulls back before she gets past verbal threats.  Also, given the show, she might want to try believing her son Sammy when he insists there’s a lady in the tree outside.  Just a hunch.


Major issues:  A lot of crap that led her to drug dependency.

Is she seeing things that aren’t there?  Nope.  She sees things like evidence that Travis died in some sort of ritual, but that may be because she remembered the time the girls held a séance in the cabin’s attic.

Is she keeping secrets?  She’d like to leave Misty out of the loop, but that seems dang near impossible.  But she is hiding things from people who weren’t in the woods with her back in high school.

Worst thing she’s done so far?  It might have been manipulating Kevyn to get some information on Travis’s autopsy, but it really is what she does to the guy Misty brought in to hack Kevyn’s email.  That was Natalie’s idea, as was splashing the guy with gasoline and threatening him with a match if he didn’t stop being a jerk and share what he knew.


Major issues:  Manipulation.  General socipathy.

Is she seeing things that aren’t there?  Not in the slightest.  That might be the problem.

Is she keeping secrets?  A heck of a lot better than the others.

Worst thing she’s done so far?  OK, the worst thing she’s done so far is hard to pick out because she’s so darn crafty.  In the past, she clearly has a thing for the coach and nearly took a look at what he was packing in his shorts while he slept.  He told her it can never be in what I suspect were a bunch of lies.  Meanwhile, in the present, when she’s not scaring trick-or-treaters on Halloween with life support machines, she’s watching the others on hidden cameras and clearly enjoying every second of it.


Major issues:  Well, she’s a little lazy compared to the others in the flashbacks.

Is she seeing things that aren’t there?  Probably not.

Is she keeping secrets? If she is, she is damn good at hiding them.

Worst thing she’s done so far?  Jackie seems to be the “normal” one.  She has no real issues, and from the looks of things at the halfway point, no dark secrets.  Her worst thing is suggesting the others play a game to distract themselves with a séance.  Not a bad plan per se, and not everyone participates.  Laura Lee, for example, spends the time praying for everyone’s soul, and the coach of course sits it out.  But then there’s Lottie.  Lottie ran out of medication.  Lottie…well, she starts speaking in French and freaking everyone out.  Something tells me that will be bad for a lot of people.

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