July 4, 2022

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The Afterparty “High School”

Season One, Episode Five

There’s a running gag (well, many actually) that no one seems to remember classmate Walt, as played by Jamie Demetriou, one of the few members of the main cast I don’t recognize.  It would make sense then that Walt, the one guy no one remembers, is also the only character to get an episode to narrate where the episode title is not the character’s name.

Yeah, it’s frustrating being Walt, especially since the fact no one remembers he exists for some reason stretches back to high school when, his parents away for St. Patrick’s Day weekend, he threw a party at his house.  The thing is, everyone just sort of assumed it was Brett’s house.  Brett was his lab partner, and no, Brett doesn’t seem to remember he exists either.  However, Brett is a self-centered jerk anyway, so he would absolutely not be the type of person to correct such misconceptions and be cool.  That, it turns out, is actually how he won over Zoe in high school when, by dumb luck, he got ahold of the mix CD Aniq made for her, she assumed he made it, and he never bothered to correct that assumption.

Really, the whole party was like a comedy of errors, mostly with Aniq suffering for it.  Walt, who witnessed everything while everyone ignored him, set the story as a high school party comedy/drama sort of thing.  All he wants, more than anything, is for people to acknowledge he exists.  Throwing a party might solve that, but he’s told to butt out when he overhears people talking about the party before it happens despite the fact he is the one throwing the party.

About all the party story resolves is that everyone had a grudge against Eugene, AKA Xavier.  Yasper ended a ska band partnership because he saw the future as being in ska and not the pop look Xavier was going in.  Yasper blamed Aniq, which got Aniq dumped in the pool and ruining the label for the mix CD Aniq made for Zoe.  See above what happened there.  Chelsea had a little too much to drink and Xavier led her into a bedroom, but he respected her wishes to not go any further.  He didn’t respect those wishes enough to correct people outside who assumed they screwed around or that Walt wasn’t the unknown stranger who joined them since he was in there and no one noticed.  That lie led to Chelsea’s break-up without a chance of reconciliation with a boyfriend who immediately hooked up with one of the Jennifers.

So, yeah, lots of heat all around, made worse when Aniq, learning that Brett hooked up with Zoe, took a baseball bat to Xavier’s car.  That led to a pathetic fistfight on the lawn between Xavier and Aniq, and that got the cops involved, and Xavier used the fact his father owned a local business popular with cops to get himself out of trouble.  Aniq isn’t so lucky, but as long as Xavier doesn’t press charges, Aniq can at least keep his scholarship.

That doesn’t happen.  Man, Aniq really had motive, and his efforts to come clean in the present with the note he found shows he had less luck as the suspicious note was in Xavier’s handwriting and were lyrics for a rejected song.  Then again, he also knows Danner isn’t supposed to be there.

Does Walt’s story get him more attention?  Of course not!  It just causes everyone there to realize how many lies they were dealing with back then.  About the only person present who didn’t have a grudge against Xavier was Zoe.

But then she says it’s her turn to speak because, yeah, it wasn’t true before, but it was now.

Man, at this point, every episode is better than the one that came before.  Poor Walt…especially with those bad wigs in the flashback.  Dude can’t even get noticed if he tries streaking…

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