February 26, 2024

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Doctor Who “Fury From The Deep Part 5”

The Second Doctor. "Fury from the Deep," Episode Five.

Oh yeah, Victoria is definitely leaving the TARDIS after this serial.  I’ll share some thoughts on her departure with the next episode write up, but for now, I can’t say I really blame her.

Much of what happens in this penultimate episode deals with how the seaweed seems to understand the Doctor is a threat.  How does it understand that?  This is the Second Doctor.  He’s softspoken, armed only with a sonic screwdriver that he legitimately only uses as a screwdriver instead of an all-purpose tool, and doesn’t seem capable of hurting a fly.  Granted, he is a threat to the seaweed.  I’m just curious how the seaweed seemed to figure that out.

I mean, I would think Victoria is a bigger threat mostly because she keeps getting away from what should be certain traps.  When Robson, possessed by the seaweed and in full-on seaweed zombie mode, gets into a scuffle with Jamie, he is scared off but it seems to have more to do with something Victoria does than anything else.  Even the Doctor doesn’t think Jamie’s punching Robson did much.  Plus, it’s rare that Jamie’s more physical interactions actually succeed at anything anyway.  He mostly seems to run into frays only to get knocked on his head later.  This is a decidedly nonviolent era for Doctor Who in many respects.

However, somehow the seaweed saw through the Doctor’s camouflage and realized he’s the threat.  When told the seaweed is breaking through an access pipe, everyone goes to take a look.  Robson, who returned and then disappeared again, managed to grab Victoria and take her away in the helicopter to one of the rigs out at sea.  By this time, the Doctor has more or less deduced where the seaweed came from (the ocean, duh), and he’ll need to do something when Robson calls in demanding the Doctor come out to the rig or the girl (meaning Victoria) gets it.

So, of course the Doctor and Jamie take a helicopter out there and go looking around, only to find Robson and all the other missing people rise up out of a foam-filled room covered in seaweed.

Really, somehow the seaweed decided to deal with the Doctor.  It had already sealed the Doctor and Jamie in a room full of foam, and it was only dumb luck the Doctor found a door that they could use to escape.  Now it’s luring the Doctor out to a rig by himself?  And even he said he isn’t sure whether bombing the seaweed, even if the original source could be found, will work out all that well since it could just scatter the stuff over a wider area.  So, here’s the Doctor and Jamie, confronted by foamed-up seaweed zombies.

This might get a little messy.