February 3, 2023

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YouTube Selection: The Take Looks At Pamela Anderson

Pam & Tommy offered a fictional take on Pamela Anderson and a certain sex tape. The Take asks if that is all that accurate.

I finished up Pam & Tommy this week, and while I liked the mini-series, Pamela Anderson herself had nothing to do with it.

The Take looks into Anderson’s life and career and speculates why that might be.

According to The Take, Pam & Tommy largely paints Anderson as the victim of the whole mess, and Anderson herself doesn’t care for that portrayal.  Despite actress Lily James and the producers’ attempts to reach out to Anderson, she never spoke to them and says she will never watch the mini-series.  So, what does Pamela Anderson represent and what image does she want?  See below for a deep dive into the modern day icon (according to The Take) that is Pamela Anderson.

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