February 27, 2024

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Doctor Who “Fury From The Deep Part 4”

The Second Doctor. "Fury from the Deep," Episode Four.

There’s a line in this episode where Jamie and Victoria are referred to as a pair of teenagers.  I heard that and thought, wait, how old are those two supposed to be?

Oh, and Victoria is definitely leaving the show after this serial ends.

See, Victoria is talking more and more about how much terror and awfulness she experiences every time the TARDIS stops somewhere.  She says it to Jamie at one point and the Doctor at another.  She even lists various threats they’ve run into only for the Doctor to gently remind her of one she forgot to list.

This is why I love this Doctor the most.

Now, Jamie is all for adventure and danger, as long as he doesn’t have to crawl down a vent to check for a man who went down to check for more killer seaweed.  With Robson out to lunch and Harris out looking for his wife, there isn’t anyone left to authorize, oh, anything, so when company inspector Van Lutyens goes to check the pipes and doesn’t come back, it’s up to the Doctor, after guiting Jamie into coming along, to go take a look.  Good thing there are two guys there to monitor the elevator with Victoria.

Oh wait, it’s the same two guys who happen to be seaweed zombies that are messing with everybody.  Those guys suck!

So yeah, it’s a trap and the elevator doesn’t respond, but there’s still a ladder and the seaweed apparently can’t keep up with two guys on a ladder.  That or the view from under Jamie’s kilt scared them off.

By this point, the higher-ups have come to see what’s going on, and even with the Doctor, Harris, and a host of eyewitnesses all explaining how they lost contact with the stations out at sea, those folks clearly don’t believe anything about killer seaweed that may be invading the refinery and maybe the rest of the human race.  See, the Doctor believes the seaweed is a kind of hive mind and a parasite at the same time.  It works together, but at the same time, it needs a human mind to gain some level of sentience or something.

Oh, and the main intake it full of seaweed…knocking on the wall and trying to get out.

Man, the Doctor said the invasion has started, and he’s never wrong.  Seaweed zombies are the worst zombies.