December 11, 2023

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Going Through Young Justice Part Eleven

Jimmy and Tom talk more Young Justice with the episodes "Insecurity" and "Performance," and we accidentally skipped a pair of episodes.

Editor’s Note:  So, as I was putting this post together, I realized that it should be Part Twelve in a 26 episode season with one more to close it out.  Why is it Part Eleven?  That seemed unlikely.  I went back and checked and found that, somehow, I skipped posting the chat transcripts to the episodes “Humanity,” featuring the first appearance of Zatanna on the show, and “Agendas,” where Superboy learned who the other DNA donor was.  The thing is, Jimmy and I did discuss those episodes.  We both remember doing so.  I just somehow skipped posting the transcripts.  And since the online chat system we use only saves posts but so long without paying them money, those comments are lost to the ether.

Anyway, that’s my fault, and if you care what we said, we both enjoyed the episodes because we’re obviously still going.  And that realization came after Jimmy was able to get the final three episodes for season one after Canadian Netflix dropped the first two seasons of the series.

With that in mind, we stopped to look at two more episodes, namely “Insecurity,” and “Performance”.


Red Arrow joins the Team, making Artemis a lot less secure in her position there.

jimmy:  Well, never saw the Sportsmaster twist coming.

tomk:  You might have…if you looked up the Artemis character.  The show didn’t invent her.

jimmy:  Did they invent her mother being Huntress?

tomk:  Well, maybe not the one you’ve heard of.

The mother, and later the daughter, sometimes went by Tigress.


tomk:  Um, no.


tomk:  Let me put it to you this way:  Artemis in the comics is a villain. She looks like this:

jimmy:  No wonder Red Arrow doesn’t trust her.

tomk:  Well, on the live action Stargirl series, these are her parents:

Though on that show, Sportsmaster is played as a more comedic villain.

jimmy:  All of this certainly shifts the mole spotlight back on Artemis, though that still seems too obvious.

tomk:  You won’t be satisfied until you find out something silly like Robin is the mole.

jimmy:  I just hope it’s satisfying. To be the most obvious suspect from the start seems less so.

tomk:  C’mon, Jimmy. Would I have recommended this show if the reveal was obvious?

jimmy:  No?

tomk: Exactly. I’d be fit to be tied.

Besides, Artemis doesn’t seem all that happy with Sportsmaster

jimmy:  Would you be if your dad called himself “Sportsmaster”?

tomk:  Is he a badass who can hold his own with any superhero?

jimmy:  I don’t know your dad, but maybe.

tomk:  When you can hold your own with multiple superheroes without superpowers of your own, you can call yourself whatever you want.

jimmy:  Touché.

tomk:  I mean, he outfought and outthought Red Arrow, Artemis, Kid Flash, and Aqualad here.

jimmy:  Fine. But dude, pick a better name.

tomk:  Like “Jimmy”?

jimmy:  I like it!

tomk:  Well, he’s not going by that. You might as well call him Casey Jones.

jimmy:  They do have a similar look.

tomk:  So, you would rather we were watching the Ninja Turtles?

jimmy:  I would not.

tomk:  Well, then, how about we take the Star City zeta tube?  It sure did look familiar.

jimmy:  You say that about all the Police Boxes.

tomk:  They don’t seem to have any in America.

jimmy:  I don’t remember the scene now, but it wasn’t just a phone booth?

tomk:  I looked. It’s actually a blue police call box.

Almost certainly done on purpose.

jimmy:  For sure. No surprise.

tomk:  Plus, I never mentioned Green Arrow is voiced by Alan Tudyk.

jimmy:  Was he from Whoville?

tomk:  He may be a pirate.

jimmy:  What if he doesn’t want to be a pirate?

tomk:  Then don’t wear a puffy shirt.

jimmy:  Makes sense.

tomk:  And don’t try to take on the Brain, the gorilla in a beret, the Witch-Boy, his cat, and an escaped robot maker by yourself.

jimmy:  A gorilla in a beret. Heh.

tomk:  He’s French.

None of them are pirates.

jimmy:  Who ever heard of a French pirate?

tomk:   Jean Lafitte.

jimmy:  I stand corrected.

tomk:  He wasn’t a gorilla though.

jimmy:  That Wikipedia knows of.

tomk:  Still, maybe don’t take on that many guys with one bow.

jimmy:  Taking on any number of super powered villains with a bow seems asinine, but there are lots of non-super powered hero archers.

tomk:  It’s the superpowered archers you need to watch out for.

jimmy:  That an Amazon?

tomk:  Um, no. Maya is…a character even I couldn’t find a lot of pictures for to do a Misplaced Character article.

She was a teenage girl from India who somehow channeled mystical power of the Hindu gods or something.

Magic arrows and such.

jimmy:  Not familiar with her.

tomk:  She was around for a very forgettable Justice League era. She does not appear on this show. And this show gave us Artemis as a regular.

jimmy:  Maybe she was the “we’re not even trying to pretend this isn’t a blatant Spider-Man rip off” character at the beginning?

tomk:  Black Spider?  We’ve seen him before. Same actor who played Peter on Weisman’s Spectacular Spider-Man show.

He’s a lesser Batman foe in the comics.

jimmy:  I know, it’s just so blatant.

tomk:  Also on purpose.

jimmy:  And possibly color blind. Why would you call yourself Black Spider and wear a purple and gold suit?

tomk:  It’s symbolic.

jimmy:  It’s borderline copyright infringement.

tomk:  According to whom?

jimmy:  Some Canadian guy that knows nothing about copyright or trademark law.

tomk:  Ah. Well, Marvel would never do that. Here, have a Squadron Supreme trade.

jimmy:  Touché.

tomk:  Was it satisfying watching that arrogant Spider-Jerk get taken down?

jimmy:  Well, it showed he wasn’t really Spider-Man, who’d never get take down by a couple of archers

tomk:  He’d just get taken down by a chubby guy with a bad haircut and a few mechanical arms.

Might as well be a gorilla in a beret…

jimmy:  A gorilla in a beret with 4 mechanical arms could be dangerous.

tomk:  Doctor Ook-tapus?

jimmy:  Exactly. Plus the beret.

tomk:  You’re the expert there.

jimmy:  I am?

tomk:  Aren’t you working on the Spider-Monkey Chronology?

jimmy:  Shhh. It’s a secret.

tomk:  That’s why you’re Jimmy Apepossible.

jimmy:  Shhh. It’s a secret.

tomk:  Well, if you turn into glass and shatter, I will know why.

jimmy:  We seem to be talking more about gorillas in berets than the dysfunctional Artemis family.  Anything else here?

tomk:  The bad guys seem to be doing something with a starfish tentacle.

jimmy:  Yes, that’s right!

tomk:  That can’t be good.

jimmy:  That you’re right?  Nah, it happens.

tomk:  You seem like some kinda smart guy.

Like, you got three mole suspects. Who is it?

jimmy:  At this point it could be all or none of them.  Who the hell knows?!

tomk:  Besides me and now Watson?

He’s been rewatching on his own.

jimmy:  He too good for us?

tomk:  He started late.

jimmy:  No excuse. But he’s seen it before and would probably not be as good as you about not spoiling things for the noobs.

tomk:  There’s that. Or he’d say even less.

jimmy:  Oh, he’d be all over the mole or what that tentacle is for.

tomk:  I don’t wanna talk Watson and tentacles. Did you have anything else to add here?

jimmy:  Not now with this queasy stomach.

tomk:  Ok. How about a trip to the circus?

jimmy:  Will there be a trapeze?

tomk:  Well, there better be if it’s a Robin-focused episode.

jimmy:  I knew it!

tomk:  So, ready for the circus?

jimmy:  Ready as a gorilla in a beret.

tomk:  Alrighty then.


After a long delay, Jimmy was finally able to get his hands on copies of the last few episodes of season one.


Robin leads the Team undercover at a circus.

jimmy:  It’s been so long since we watched one of these, I forgot that Robin was Dick Grayson and not Tim Drake. Made the whole Haly’s Circus thing a bit odd in the beginning.

tomk:  Well, I had to remind myself the redheaded male “Danger” was Roy and not Wally.

jimmy:  Roy’s taller. And makes less sandwiches.

tomk:  You mean it could have been Dagwood Bumstead?

jimmy:  No. He doesn’t have red hair. But that’s a hell of a sandwich.

tomk:  There’s always someone who will eat a sandwich like that.

jimmy:  Homer better be careful that sandwich doesn’t go bad before they discover who is stealing the weapon of mass destruction parts that are conveniently on the circus route.

tomk:  Yeah, well, the Team was really lucky that mysterious clown didn’t steal either Dagwood’s sandwich-making or Homer’s sandwich-eating skills.

jimmy:  Maybe he did. That’s why Homer got “sick”.

tomk:  Huh. Your ideas intrigue me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

jimmy:  Done. I’m just gonna need your credit card number.

tomk:  Here’s Watson’s.

jimmy:  That’ll work.

tomk:  Better than a black hole generator that only sucks up loose paper, I hope.

jimmy:  I wish I had one of those. I got a lot of paper I could get rid of.

tomk:  Just paper?

jimmy:  Just paper. Wink.

tomk:  Ah, I see.

So, did the Parasite surprise you?

jimmy:  He did.

I figured they were all in on it…but, I guess I was supposed to.

tomk:  You were probably suspicious of that King Faraday guy who sounded like Clancy Brown.

jimmy:  You’d think so…

tomk:  Except he’s an old DC character that even appeared in JLU.  Just not voiced by Clancy Brown.  And his name is a bad pun.  “King for a day”.

jimmy:  That’s his name?

tomk:  Clancy Brown?  Yes.

jimmy:  Weird.

tomk:  Yes.  It’s as weird as this plate of cookies that taste like brownies.

jimmy:  Weird tastes delicious.

tomk:  Also, the Moose answers your fan mail.  That’s why you never get it.  That is also weird.

jimmy:  He loves to write.  Like Red Arrow likes to not trust.  That was awkward.

tomk:  But not weird.  Have a plate of brownies that taste like cookies.

jimmy:  I’m going to have a tummy ache after this chat.

tomk:  Will it be worth it?

jimmy:  …yes.

tomk:  Good.  Don’t let the Parasite touch you.  You’ll feel even worse.

Like going on a date with Watson worse.

jimmy:  Watson’s not the Parasite?

tomk:  Well, not the Parasite from the cartoon.

jimmy:  Gotcha.

tomk:  Well, at least Roy feels better about all those people he thought might be the mole.

I guess that means Zatanna is the mole or something.

jimmy:  Or Flash’s sandwich.

tomk:  Barry had a sandwich too?

jimmy:  Probably.  Those speed force guys have high metabolisms.

tomk:  Would you like a little dash of speed force with your cookies and brownies?

jimmy:  I may need it with all these sweets.

tomk:  That’s the spirit, Jimmy.  Now you can go do your high wire act.

jimmy:  Hopefully M’gann is there. Over the years my skills have gotten…worse?

tomk:  Not even holding steady?

jimmy:  Apparently not.

I guess vigilantism doesn’t equate to trapeze training.

tomk:  Or he was feeling sick.

jimmy:  Or that.

tomk:  You really should stay off the trapeze when you have a cold.

jimmy:  The audience would appreciate it.

tomk:  That’s how you get other people sick. Or covered in your guts if you miss and there’s no net. It’s why I won’t sit in anything labeled a splash zone.

jimmy:  Well, luckily for Dick, M’gann was there.

tomk: Also lucky Dick doesn’t listen to Roy.

Regardless, it may be time for a scene transition.

Man, Connor’s temper isn’t getting any better.

jimmy:  Turning into a drug addict certainly won’t help.

tomk:  Oh, you think it’s just Kryptonian ‘roid rage?

jimmy:  Maybe.  Either way, I’m sure the physiological and psychological need for the Kryptonian patch won’t make him more pleasant.

tomk:  So, you think he needs drug counseling?

jimmy:  You don’t?

tomk:  You gonna tell him to just say no to stuff from Lex Luthor?

jimmy:  I may hire someone to do that.

tomk:  You can hire someone for that?

jimmy:  I hope so.  I ain’t telling him.

tomk:  Smart man. Have a case of someone’s favorite beer.

jimmy:  Not my favorite, but someone’s…

tomk:  Someone you can bribe to host a Superboy intervention.

jimmy:  I’ll take them then.

tomk:  Good. And maybe remember next time the Parasite takes weaknesses as well as strengths.

Like how I can’t resist buying a KitKat at the checkout aisle.

jimmy:  That is one of your greatest strengths.

tomk:  You only say that because you get better goodies than anything the Parasite uses to lure unsuspecting schoolchildren into sewers…wait, that’s Pennywise.

jimmy:  Yeah, Parasite is not that subtle.

tomk:  And yet, he would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids going on an unauthorized mission.

jimmy:  Hmm. Maybe he is that subtle.

tomk:  Don’t feel bad. He just picked the wrong circus.

jimmy:  Of all the circuses in the world…

tomk:  Well, really. Haly’s is the best. They did have that bad accident that one time, but that was because of Tony Zucco.

jimmy:  And it all worked out for the best…I mean, Bat.

tomk:  Different cartoon.

jimmy:  It’s hard to keep track.

tomk:  Well, you know about all these Dangers. You know who’s really dangerous?  The mole!

jimmy:  If there is a mole.

tomk:  Well, season one is down to two episodes. If there is a mole, we should find out soon. Plus, maybe we can find out who the League voted in as new members.

jimmy:  WE NEED ANSWERS!1!!

tomk:  I will promise you one thing:  you will not guess who the mole is until the identity is revealed.

It’s Spider-Man.

jimmy:  I knew it was him. Even when it was the bears.

tomk:  Would you like to find out and meet one last member of the Team?

jimmy:  Is it this guy?

tomk:  No.

jimmy:  Hmm. I guess we better find out who then.

tomk:  Not this guy either in case you get any ideas.

But regardless, let’s find that stinkin’ mole!

Next:  Jimmy’s back and Tom’s ready to cover the episodes “Usual Suspects” and “Auld Acquaintance”.