February 9, 2023

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Characters Case File #377: Big Wheel

So, this guy decided to try running superheroes over with a giant wheel.

So, what’s the silliest possible vehicle that a supervillain could possibly drive?  In a world where one guy just walks around on a giant pair of stilts, there must be something really ridiculous about a guy who uses a giant, armed and armored wheel to attack his enemies.  And what does he call himself?  Big Wheel.

I’d mock him more, but the Blackhawks fought Nazis in similar vehicles at one time.

Big Wheel was one Jackson Weele.  He was a corrupt businessman who was embezzling from his own company.  He decided to get rid of the evidence and hired Rocket Racer, a guy who sounds like he is practically screaming to be part of this series, to steal the evidence.  Rocket Racer kept the most damning piece for an additional $10,000.  Weele decided the thing to do there was to kill himself, but he was actually saved by Rocket Racer.  Rocket Racer really wanted that money, but during the rescue, he let slip the Tinkerer built his, um, rockets.

That just gave Weele an idea, so rather than pay Rocket Racer, he commissioned a giant wheel covered in weapons.

No, that’s the Blackhawks version.
That’s the one.

Seriously, both fictional Nazis and corrupt businessmen thought this was a good idea.  That said, I can’t image a Big Wheel is a cheap weapon.  He probably just could have paid off Rocket Racer.

Besides, as you might guess for an attack vehicle that probably has some balance issues, Big Wheel, as he called himself and his weapon, tended to get knocked over a lot from what I’ve gathered.  His most frequent target seems to be Spider-Man, but he’s also been known to mess with other heroes like Spider-Woman, various Ghost Riders, and even Hellcat.  But oddly enough, Weele also sometimes goes straight, attempting at one point to even fight crime (he didn’t quite pull it off) and at another finding his own true gift in that metal monstrosity:  wrecking smaller vehicles at monster truck rallies.

Then again, as ridiculous as Big Wheel is, he did manage to get onto the 90s animated Spider-Man cartoon show.

You know, I thought I’d have more to say about this guy, but I think what I really wanted to do is point and laugh at the idea that this guy thought to attack superheroes in a giant wheel.  I mean, it sounds better than a unicycle, but not by much.  Is there anyone out there that might be more ridiculous in the Marvel Universe?

I think I have next week’s entry…

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