December 2, 2023

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Pam And Tommy “Destroyer Of Worlds”

Episode Seven

Um, question:  are we supposed to feel bad for Rand?  Because I am not sure we should be.

I have said in multiple write-ups for this mini-series how much this story has emphasized that Pam was the real victim here.  This episode continues that tradition, showing her interview with Jay Leno featured in the opening minutes of the first episode, but cutting away briefly to show Pam give the answer she wanted to give, one that made Leno squirm, but that in reality she didn’t.  Pam’s whole thing is she wants this all to go away, and everything and everyone around her, at least the men, are making it more and more about how they can’t or won’t.  That includes Tommy, though he does have a moment of understanding here or there.

But then there’s Rand.  Rand didn’t initially set out to humiliate Pamela Anderson, a person who hadn’t done anything to him at all, but he still did in the end, all while trying to convince himself he’s a decent human being.

He still was selling copies of the tape.

It doesn’t matter that he’s played by Seth Rogen, a generally likeable actor.  A likeable man can still do horrible things.

It doesn’t matter that he clearly isn’t very bright, seeing as how he has no idea where exactly Miltie went.  He thought Miltie was dealing with diamonds.  That’s not what happens in Amsterdam.

It doesn’t matter that Butchie, whom Rand owes a lot of money, wants Rand to pay him back by roughing up other deadbeats.

It doesn’t matter that Rand eventually does just that.

It doesn’t matter that the only money he wants from Tommy when he tries to blackmail Tommy for the money was just the exact amount Tommy owed him for the earlier work and the stolen tools.

It doesn’t matter that Rand never really had the level of control over what was happening that he thought he should.

It just doesn’t matter.  He did a horrible thing, and now it’s catching up to him.

And in case anyone in the back missed the point, he finally tells ex-wife Erica, whose couch he’s been crashing on to avoid Tommy’s goons, why he’s in hiding.  She does not take it well, kicking him out.  Rand doesn’t get it.  He points out she makes adult films.

And she shouts back that she gives CONSENT.

There it is.  Spelled out for Rand, and possibly the audience.  You know, for the ones who didn’t get it by then.

So, when the episode ends and the normally genial and reluctant Rand is beating a guy for some money to appease a loan shark, are we supposed to feel bad for him?  Because, well, I don’t think I can or should.

I guess I’ll see how it all ends for him next time.