September 25, 2022

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Yellowjackets “The Dollhouse”

Season One, Episode Three

So, as the series moves forward, the spotlight goes to the character of Taissa, and, funny thing, I don’t think she’s nearly as interesting as some of the others in the present or the past.

I don’t think that’s the fault of anything but the casting choice for the adult versions of Misty and Natalie and just how Taissa is maybe a bit less in the spotlight in the past even when she is doing things.  Christina Ricci is really hitting a home run as Misty, and Juliette Lewis’s barely contained contempt as Natalie really says all that needs to be said about this character.  Plus, they seem to be most involved in the postcard mystery as the two are looking for Travis, top suspect for the sender.

But then there’s Taissa, and she’s a politician, so to a certain extent, it makes sense that she would be a more restrained character.  She needs to keep a lid on things with an election coming up in the present, all while keeping her wife more or less happy and making sure her son Sammy behaves himself.  Yes, her opponent more or less calls her a cannibal in an attack ad, and her response to it is, shall we say, less than gentle, but it’s also private and kept secret from wife Simone.  Her flashback moments show she was the one who suggested and used the power of democracy to get the group to leave the plane and head off for a nearby lake, much against the better judgement of team captain Jackie.  That still seems to have more to do with how Shauna and Jackie have some issues as a result, but those two also seem to patch things up by episode’s end.

If anything, Taissa’s involvement may be a way of pushing less rational concepts into the story.  Having a story that’s just about survival, even some sort of Lord of the Flies style survival, is one thing, but adding in the creep factor is something else.  It doesn’t even have to actually be a supernatural something or other.  The characters just have to believe it is.  Taissa, as a very small girl, spent time with her dying grandmother.  While the old lady was, for the most part, very much at peace with dying and seeing angels and going to heaven, at a crucial moment, the old woman panicked and said she saw some kind of eyeless man who wasn’t there.  Then there’s the moment that Taissa pried the old lady’s corpse’s eyelid open to see…nothing but white, and yeah, she’s probably extra sensitive to this sort of thing as a result going forward.

Oh, and after the group finds a cabin to hide in, Taissa is the second to find the corpse in the attic.  The first, well, that girl seems a little weird to begin with.  I’ll probably have more to say about her later.

But really, setting aside Shauna’s concerns over his husband Jeff’s perceived infidelity and her own bonding with conveniently present Adam, the best parts of this episode had to do with Misty and Natalie.  Natalie knows where Travis is because they apparently have some kind of on-again, off-again relationship.  Taissa is helping Natalie behind the scenes from the looks of things, and when Natalie finds proof Misty sabotaged a car to ensure both of them could go find Travis, Misty doesn’t even change tone or deny it.  Instead, she says she knows it was the only way Natalie would bring her along.


Misty is also the one to get them out of jail after the pair are caught breaking into Travis’s place.  She just calls a cop friend of Natalie’s, pretends she’s Natalie, and then gets that guy to pull some strings, again like it’s all no big deal.

Too bad the women find Travis dead, hanging from a trellis above a ranch’s entrance.  Natalie is sure it was a murder…

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