April 21, 2024

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The Afterparty “Yasper”

Season One, Episode Three

So, this may have been the best episode of this series so far.

It will also be the toughest to write about.

See, this one focuses on Yasper, as played by Ben Schwartz, and Yasper really wanted to get Xavier’s blessing for a musical track to make his career.  The two had been in a ska band together in high school, and if Xavier can just do Yasper a solid, then all will go well.  But here, the genre parody is…the musical.

If Brett’s action movie stunts seemed kinda small by comparison to, you know, actual action movies, the series went all-out to give Yasper three good musical numbers, starting with a hip hop song about how everyone should get a second chance, a more ballard-y tune when Xavier gives him a “yeah, sure, whatever” for an answer, and a lament when it takes Xavier too long to return a text message and the three dots are there to say someone is typing something.

For the last one, we’ve all been there.

However, much like when I wrote up the AFI Challenge articles, I really don’t know what to say about a musical.  I’m not overly knowledgeable about music in general, and about all I can really say is if I liked the song or not.  These songs are good.  Maybe not on par with, say, any time we don’t say anything about some guy named Bruno, but the series went all-out to reproduce large scale musical numbers.  That’s impressive, fun, and I can’t really say anything else about that.

But over in the real world, Aniq is trying to get the others to write whether or not they have diarrhea to test everyone’s hand writing under the assumption the killer wrote the note he found and on his neck while he was passed out drunk.  That involves saying it’s a game he made up, and somehow these people buy that reasoning.  Danner, meanwhile, seems to have found either a genre or a tale-teller that she has no interest in because Yasper just won’t cut to the point and say what she wants to hear.  Mostly, his story is about wanting Xavier to go down to the recording studio, something he never did.

But then a flask shows up that could implicate Chelsea, and she seems…disturbed by something.  Hopefully she doesn’t sing.  I might have something borderline insightful to say then.