September 30, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “Girls Just Shauna Have Fun”

In which Lisa finds a surrogate big sister in the form of rebellious teenager Shauna Chalmers.

SNL cast member Chris Redd is listed as a guest star for this episode.  I like the guy on SNL, but I have no idea which character he’s playing, so…

Good news for Lisa:  following an unexpected absence, she’s been temporarily promoted to Springfield High School….’s marching band, where musical theory may be taken seriously and they play fifty year old music instead of 100 year old music.  She even knows someone already there:  Shauna Chalmers is third chair drums, and Shauna apparently is a regular babysitter for the Simpson family.

Shauna, at first, wants nothing to do with Lisa, but Lisa wins her over because it turns out Shauna loves playing music as much as Lisa does, and the two get together to jam at Shauna’s house (flustering her father, Superintendent Chalmers, as he doesn’t know how to handle his daughter and she deliberately does stuff to make him as uncomfortable as possible).  That later becomes a trip to the mall, and Lisa finds herself with something she’s always wanted:  a big sister.

The rest of the Simpson family don’t take this very well with one exception.  Bart wanted to get to high school and cause trouble first.  Maggie already is Lisa’s sister.  Marge is concerned Shauna is a bad influence.  And Homer doesn’t mind because Chalmers brews his own beer in the Trappist tradition.  Homer is soon visiting frequently and learning how to brew himself.

This here is basically another episode where not a lot seems to happen, but here I am anyway.  Lisa encourages Shauna to try out for first chair, and Shauna does, beating out Martin Prince’s older brother.

Wait, Martin has an older brother?

Never mind.

The band then plays well enough to get invited to a party at the captain of the football team’s house…provided that Shauna can get them some beer.  Lisa, unaware of the true intention, plays along as she and Shauna play a lot of music for Chalmers and Homer while the kids steal the beer…the first batch Homer had brewed himself.

Oh man, when Chalmers finds out thanks to some sneaky social media following, it could be the end for both him and Homer, especially since Lisa called the cops when she was abandoned at a party where there was so much drinking, some kids thought her saxophone was a beer bong.  Chief Wiggum arrives just after Homer and Chalmers did, and the two men are arrested as they can’t reclaim their beer fast enough.

Fortunately, Homer forgot to add yeast, so he brewed nonalcoholic beer.


Regardless, Shauna and Lisa had a brief falling out, but they made up later, particularly after Shauna quit the marching band and joined a punk band where she can sing and play drums.

So, yeah, Shauna Chalmers got an episode of her own.

Can that, like, not happen again?  She’s not that funny.

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