August 16, 2022

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The Afterparty “Brett”

Season One, Episode Two.

Well, if parodying a romcom would be fairly simple with just some clever writing, how about the next one be an action movie?

That’s what happened here.

Aniq may or may not be cleared, but Detective Danner basically decided to interrogate Brett next.  The rather shifty-looking guy who threatened violence against any man who so much as looked at his ex-wife Zoe the wrong way certainly seems to be more of a possible suspect than, say, Aniq.  That doesn’t stop Aniq from looking for clues himself with a discarded note that seems to be about revenge with good pal Yasper, but the thing is, of course Brett would see his evening in the form of an action movie.

That said, anyone hoping for massive explosions and crazy stunts may be a bit disappointed.  There is some.  Aniq had mentioned Brett shouting something at them while following Aniq and Yasper to Xavier’s afterparty, but it turns out Brett never considered Aniq much of a threat, continually comparing Aniq to, well, Urkle, a move that doesn’t please Danner all that much.  No, all Brett wanted was the stuffed koala doll that his daughter Maggie needs to sleep, and Aniq somehow got it in his pocket.  No, the real threat to Brett’s perceived family was Xavier, seeing as how the popstar made some comments in a low, threatening voice that, since Brett was an old rival, Xavier was going to seduce Zoe.

The resulting car chase, then, was to just get Maggie’s koala back.  It’s done well.

The only real fight comes when Brett gets into a fistfight with a security guard since Brett wasn’t invited to the party.

But the episode still sticks to the action movie tropes, from Xavier’s line delivery to the very way that Brett has a catch phrase and seems on the verge of burnout for most of the episode until he and Zoe chat a bit, Zoe says she finds Xavier kinda gross, and the two laugh while Brett agrees to sign the divorce papers.

Also, he did something to cause the divorce.

But the thing is, Brett was caught leaving the party and didn’t seem to be present for the murder.  He was also only really leaving the party to check on Maggie as she was sleeping in the car the whole time, and the only reason he went there in the first place was to get her doll back.  Could he be lying?  Sure, but this is the sort of swarmy asshole that Ike Barinholtz plays so well, so that by itself made for a fun episode.

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