July 22, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Evil Of The Daleks Part 7”

The Second Doctor. "The Evil of the Daleks," Final Episode.

Oh man, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the Second Doctor’s era…

See, all the Dalek Emperor wants is to put the “Dalek Factor” into humans, something to make humans utterly devoted and obedient to the Dalek cause.  The Doctor, meanwhile, put the “Human Factor” into some Daleks, something that makes them question orders and have friends.  The Daleks do manage to convert that greedy fool Maxtible by letting him see the iron-into-gold machine in another room, but when he walks in to look closer, he gets zapped.  The Doctor is escorted through the arch too.  He’s also zapped…and he’s fine.

The episode, see, did remember the Doctor isn’t from Earth.  Yes, his species and home planet still haven’t been namedropped, but the arch was set to humans from Earth.  The Doctor knows how to fake obedience, switch the polarity around to make it safe for humans but give more Daleks the Human Factor, and then just convince the Dalek Emperor to send all the Daleks through the arch to weed out the “human” Daleks once and for all.  Instead, it just makes more of them, Daleks who don’t take kindly to watching the Emperor’s guards gun down their Dalek friends.  Before you know it, there’s  Dalek civil war, one that ends with the seeming destruction of all the Daleks.  That came about from a promise made to Terry Nation, the Dalek creator, looking to sell the idea to American television, but the BBC set in a backdoor to bring the Doctor’s most popular enemies back regardless.

From there, it just goes about removing other survivors until it’s just the ones who get to leave on the TARDIS.  Maxtible manages to kill Kemel by knocking the big man into a lava trench, so I guess the Dalek Factor also increases human strength?  Regardless, the only thing stopping him from doing the same to Victoria and Jamie is the Emperor summons all the Daleks back…including Maxtible.  As for Victoria’s father, he takes a blast intended for the Doctor, and the Doctor tells Jamie they will be taking Victoria in the TARDIS, leading to the next serial which happens to be the very first one I saw that wasn’t an animated recreation.

Really, though, this serial had a lot of old school charm.  The Doctor saves the day by just being a little smarter than everyone else, and he isn’t all that physically assertive.  A greedy man got his comeuppance while a few innocents were killed along the way.  Victoria doesn’t make much of an impression as she’s just a damsel-in-distress, and Jamie’s recriminations aimed at the Doctor over various deceptions seem a little odd–has any companion been more loyal to the Doctor than Jamie McCrimmon?–but this one kept the general vibe and tone of the Second Doctor’s adventures intact, even giving the Doctor a moment to play his recorder for a bit while sitting in a Dalek prison and offering to take everyone to his unnamed home planet if everything on Earth went wrong.  But that wasn’t needed.  He just needed to think a little sharper and switch some parts around when no one was looking.

As for the animation, it was decent, but there were moments where it maybe didn’t look so good.

But hey, that was fun.  I think I’m gonna do another of these next and worry about the Thirteenth Doctor a little later.