June 16, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Hero Worship”

A juvenile lone survivor decides to emulate Data.

Data is, for good reason, a fan favorite TNG character.  So what happens when someone in-universe takes a real shine to him?  And can Jimmy and Tom actually talk about it when they aren’t being excessively silly?

Find out below.

“Hero Worship”

A young boy, sole survivor of a severely damaged starship, decides he wants to be like Data.

jimmy:  And that’s the origin of how Timothy joined the cast as a full time member.

tomk:  Oh yeah,  He keeps hanging out with that First Contact woman, the Vulcan doctor, that kid Worf bonded with after the boy’s mother died on a mission, and, let’s say, Moe.

jimmy:  I smell spin-off!

tomk:  Yeah!  It’s called Deep Space Nine!

jimmy:  Timothy grows up to work at Quark’s.

tomk:  He’s always hanging out with Nog, Jake, and Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo.

jimmy:  That’s the dumbest name I’ve ever heard.

tomk:  Why did the Beaver run out crying?

jimmy:  He’s not pretending to be an emotionless Android?

tomk:  The Beaver?  Not if mocking his name makes him run away crying.

jimmy:  He also didn’t blow up the dam by leaning on a control panel.

tomk:  Didn’t he, Jimmy?  Didn’t he?

jimmy:  He said he didn’t. Now I’m not so sure.

tomk:  Well, your memory can be spotty sometimes.

jimmy:  This is true.

tomk:  I mean, you probably have trouble remembering how awesome the final battle in Avengers Endgame was.

jimmy:  Is that the finale of Endgame or a clip from Multiverse of Madness.

(Side note: when I type “Multiverse of “, “Madness” comes up as a text suggestion on my phone. )

tomk:  (Side note:  Watson hates your phone.)

Or do you have a hard time believing that when Captain America calls for help that everyone shows up?

I suppose next you forgot that Timothy was the one who destroyed Thanos’s flagship after he leaned on the wrong control panel.  Lousy #EvilWesley was holding him there…

jimmy:  It was #EvilWesley all along.

tomk:  And…we’re back.

jimmy:  So, Timothy saves the day based on what he overheard on the other ship. But how was he even in a position to hear any of it?  He wasn’t on the bridge. Did they find him in engineering?  Even so, what would a kid be doing there?  Particularly in an emergency situation.

tomk:  He’s clearly an aspiring Wesley, going wherever he isn’t supposed to.

Picard later found him hanging around the Captain’s Ready Room.

jimmy:  I guess we’ll see more of his hi jinx across various restricted areas of the ship in future episodes.

tomk:  Starting with the school that apparently no longer includes Alexander.

jimmy:  They have different grades I’m sure. It was a different teacher.

tomk:  Unless the other teacher kidnapped Alexander and ran off into some sort of sub space nebula.

jimmy:  Could be anything going on in that black hole sun they were investigating.

tomk:  It was probably Wesley.

jimmy:  Travelled back in time 9 billion years, messed with some stars, took off while the getting was good. Sounds about right.

tomk:  Hey, someone got that time ship that Max Headroom lost.

jimmy:  It’s all coming together!

tomk:  Yeah.  Now we can talk about the episode itself.

jimmy:  So we talk about the boy pretending to be Data?  Data pretending he doesn’t have emotions?  The Enterprise avoiding destruction by sheer luck?

tomk:  Jimmy pretending he didn’t also wish he was an android?

jimmy:  Not sure I’d want to be emotionless.

tomk:  Is Data?

jimmy:  I think he has more than he realizes.

tomk:  Then maybe you would too.

jimmy:  Android it is!

tomk:  So, now you’re strong enough to help Watson move to that new office three floors up since the elevator is busted?

jimmy:  The strength is there, the desire is not.

tomk:  Ok, then how do you feel about asking Data to help an emotionally troubled child?

jimmy:  He did a better job than Troi.

tomk:  Everybody does a better job than Troi. Even Watson.

jimmy:  But at least Troi you don’t mind being around.

tomk:  True, but it means everyone else is being asked for advice. Why do you think there’s a line outside your house?

jimmy:  For my witty repartee and rugged good looks?


jimmy:  Well, I’m more understanding than that teacher of the week.

tomk:  Judges?

I think that earns you a milkshake.

jimmy:  Nice!

The previous teacher in the Alexander episode wasn’t much better.

tomk:  She didn’t know how to deal with Klingon children. This guy doesn’t know how to deal with traumatized children.

jimmy:  No wonder they asked the Android.

tomk:  It was better than using an iPhone to ask Siri.

jimmy:  Now I want to change Siri on my phone to have Majel Barrett’s voice.

tomk:  I’m sure there’s an app for that. I’d prefer a saucy George Takei.

jimmy:  Oh behave!


That is assuming there’s some other kind of Takei.

Well, at least Data helped some kid he barely knew have a breakthrough only to abandon him looking miserable in that joyless classroom.

jimmy:  The kid was all smiles at the end.

tomk:  That’s why he burned down the starbase they dropped him of at after the closing credits.


tomk:  Data isn’t much of a parent.

jimmy:  I would say he never tried to be and blame Troi…but he did build a daughter.

tomk:  Lal met a bad end. Like Game of Thrones.

jimmy:  That we don’t know, since the final season hasn’t come out yet.


I suppose next you’ll tell me Topher Grace was never Venom.

jimmy:  Do you mean Tom Hardy?

tomk:  He was Picard once. Sort of.

jimmy:  ???

tomk:  I think I broke you.

jimmy:  Ah yes. I pretty much remember nothing about Nemesis. That might not be a bad thing…

tomk:  They had dune buggies.

On a series about space ships.

jimmy:  They could have had motorbikes.


jimmy:  So, we seem to have very little to talk about with Timothy…who was somehow the only survivor on that whole ship.

tomk:  Lucky little snot…

jimmy:  I mean, c’mon. And he was within feet(?) of the largest place of damage.  No one else further away from there on the ship made it?

tomk:  Maybe his height helped.

jimmy:  You’re right. Being under 5 foot would certainly keep you alive during the destruction of a starship.

tomk:  It’s worked in other scenarios.

jimmy:  Well…that turned dark exceptionally quick.

tomk:  The first video I found of that scene had warnings attached and no share function.

But the moral of the story is simple: stay off the goddam ghost ship if you are of an adult height.

jimmy:  Apparently so.

tomk:  And since Timmy Turner there was on a ship that still had some life support, it might work there too.

jimmy:  You’re working hard on this theory…

tomk:  It’s the best explanation I have.

jimmy:  Better than mine, which is an eyeroll.

tomk:  Would you prefer an egg roll?

jimmy:  Definitely!

tomk:  Here ya go. Androids can’t enjoy these.

jimmy:  So…what happens to the food that Data does eat?

tomk:  Only Geordi knows.

jimmy:  And he probably wishes he didn’t.

tomk:  It goes without saying.

It also perhaps goes without saying that we were maybe not that impressed by this kid.

jimmy:  He was fine. But if he remained an “Android” or had accidentally got sucked out a cargo bay door, it wouldn’t have matter much to me.

tomk:  Jimmy is good with the death of a child. Good to know.

jimmy:  I figured that would be your response. Yeah, that was a bit harsh, but you get my point.

tomk:  Yeah. You don’t care enough to secure that rusty padlock on the airlock. Maybe we should look into characters we do care about. Ostensibly at least.

jimmy:  Let’s do that.

tomk:  In that case, here’s a story about a creep getting onboard the ship. And it isn’t Geordi.

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