May 27, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Evil Of The Daleks Part 6”

The Second Doctor. "The Evil of the Daleks," Episode Six

So, this serial started in the 1960s somewhere in England, then went back 100 or so year, and for this episode, zips off the planet Skarro and the Dalek city.

Can the Doctor get his ride home after all that?

Yeah, see, the Daleks have a plan.  Sure, the Daleks always have a plan, and the Doctor’s efforts to put the “human factor” into them seems to have made friendly Daleks.  The Doctor even names the “Alpha,” “Beta,” and “Omega”.  Drew some Greek symbols on their chassis to tell them apart and everything.  But then all Daleks are recalled to Skarro, and Maxtible learns that maybe Daleks aren’t the type to really honor deals.

Particularly since he just wanted the secret to turn base metals into gold.  Dude, that is so 15th century…

The Daleks’ plan involves setting a bomb in Maxtible’s house, and then smacking him around with their plungers when he asks for what he wants.  He is smart enough to follow the Daleks back to Skarro, but the doors seal behind the Daleks, forcing the Doctor, Jamie, and Edward Waterfield to use the other time machine for one last trip to Skarro.  That’s where Kemel and Victoria are, being held in the same prison as Maxtible because Maxtible is an idiot.

So, it’s up to the Doctor, Jamie, and Edward to rescue at least Victoria and Kemel.  I mean, Victoria is a companion going forward…so, maybe it won’t go so well for Edward and Kemel.


Well, those Daleks are in trouble now as the least physically intimidating Doctor of the entire series is invading Dalek City.  Has this Doctor ever gotten his hands dirty?  I mean, I don’t think so, but…wait, the Doctor knocked a Dalek off a ledge into a lava pool and killed it.

I’d be more impressed, but I’ve seen Daleks in this serial get taken down by two men with a piece of rope.  Twice.  These Daleks aren’t as potent as other Daleks I have seen.

Still, the Doctor had his plan to make the Daleks more human.  That has to count for something, even as he, Jamie, and Edward are brought in front of the Dalek Emperor.  He’s like regular Daleks, only bigger and with more cables attached.  Oh, and he wants the Doctor to finish the experiment.  See, the Emperor really didn’t want Daleks to have the Human Factor.  He wanted to see what the Human Factor was so he could maximize the Dalek Factor.

I don’t know what the Dalek Factor is, but I don’t think it’s a good thing.

But c’mon!  The Doctor won’t help the Daleks that way!

Oh, the Daleks have the TARDIS, and the Emperor said he’ll burn it if the Doctor doesn’t help.

Well, that seems like a bad thing.

But hey, the Doctor’s ride is here!