May 26, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Evil Of The Daleks Part 5”

The Second Doctor. "The Evil of the Daleks," Episode Five

Well, that explains a few things.

See, the Doctor was being extraordinarily helpful to the Daleks by doing exactly what they told him to do:  send Jamie on a rescue plan and somehow dilute the “human factor” into the Daleks to make them unstoppable.  The Doctor doesn’t try to fight this or anything.  He does exactly what he said the Daleks told him to do, against the better thinking of both Mr. Waterfield and Jamie.

By the by, Jamie is mighty mad when he gets back to the Doctor for all the help the Doctor was giving the Daleks.  That’s especially jarring because it doesn’t seem as if anything is working in Jamie’s favor.  Sure, he made friends with Kemel, and the two managed to find Victoria and take out two Daleks with just a length of rope, but before anything else can go right, the Daleks manage to take both Victoria and Kemel away again.

That said, in a nice touch, Victoria knows Kemel.  He’s a longtime friend of the family apparently.

But by this point in the serial, it’s time to start cleaning things up.  That means taking care of extra characters, like the young man who seems to have been brainwashed by the Daleks to help.  The Doctor notes he doesn’t eat or drink anything…and how would the Doctor know that?  How long has he been hanging around Maxtible’s house anyway?  Regardless, that guy attacks Jamie with a sword.  Apparently, the swords hanging on the walls of Maxtible Manor aren’t just decorative, but Jamie actually knows how to swordfight, and the Doctor shows up to remove the mind control device and instructs the other extra characters to take the young man as far away from the house as they can.

Meanwhile, he did invent a “positronic brain” that may be at least as good as Commander Data’s to give three dormant Daleks “the human factor”.  Waterfield thinks it’s a bad idea.  Jamie thinks it’s a bad idea.  The Doctor decides to do it anyway, and the result is…Daleks who want to play games.

Yes, it made them friendly.

You know, the human factor did include things like empathy and friendship.  Those are the sorts of traits Daleks aren’t really known for.  Maybe they should have thought more about that before they asked the Doctor for this kind of help.