February 27, 2024

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Gotham “Reunion”

Season Four, Episode Fourteen

You know, no one stays away from any sort of status quo very long on this show.

Setting aside that, while I don’t get Ivy and what she’s doing here, I was struck that at the start of this episode, after both Bullock and Alfred were happily (maybe) not employed by their usual bosses, by episode’s end, they were back where they started.  A case can be made for Ed Nygma too, but that’s what happened.  At the start of the episode, Bullock was a bartender and Alfred was unemployed.  By the end, Bullock was a cop again and Alfred was back at Wayne Manor.

Oh, and Ed is in full-blown Riddler mode again.

I suppose a case could be made for Ivy’s being responsible for this change of status.  She goes after Bullock, but it’s his day off or something at the bar, so she just kills everyone else in there.  Likewise, she attacks a Wayne Enterprises fundraiser where Alfred stops by after Bruce tried and failed to get him back with a heartfelt apology.  Instead, Ivy’s mind whammy made Bullock face some uncomfortable realizations about why he wasn’t the captain anymore while Bruce’s actions saving lives, starting with Alfred’s, got Alfred to come back.  Does this count as character development if the characters end up right back where they came from?  Probably not.  Then again, I don’t really watch Gotham for serious character development.

If you asked me what I do watch Gotham for, I don’t know that I would have a straight answer.  It’s not for serious character development.  Or logical plots.  Or anything that might be considered serious drama.

It’s probably for outlandish scenarios and oddball characters chewing whatever scenery they can sink their teeth into.

Case in point:  the Ed Nygma plot.  He’s being taunted by the Riddler persona, particularly after Oswold sent a letter to Ed from Arkham.  The only way out may be for Ed to kill himself, but then the Riddler makes a counteroffer:  voluntarily admit himself to Arkham.

Turns out the letter the Penguin sent was for the Riddler persona, and Ed missed the clues.  So…how long has the Penguin known Ed Nygma had a split personality?  I mean, he refused for the longest time to even use the word “Riddler” because it was a stupid name.  When did he decide he could work with that guy again?  And how did he know there was a second persona in Ed’s head?

Here’s a better question:  does it matter?

On any other show, that’s a solid “maybe”.  On Gotham?  I have no idea.  There may be some loose lines of dialogue to toss in later to act as a cover if I’m lucky.  But given the general breakneck speed this show operates on, by the time they maybe offer an explanation, there will probably be six or seven more crazy things going on that weren’t happening before.

So, to review:  Bullock decided working for Gordon is OK, Bruce appeased Alfred, Penguin and Riddler are a team again, and…oh yeah, Sofia took over the Narrows and broke Lee’s hand in the process because even if she’s a better criminal mastermind than Barbara, Lee is also not a huge criminal mastermind mostly because she really isn’t a criminal anything.