July 21, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Evil Of The Daleks Part 4”

The Second Doctor. "The Evil of the Daleks," Episode Four.

Looks like the Doctor is actually helping the Daleks for some reason.

I’m sure it’s a good one.  He seems too calm to be doing this under duress.

Part Four here is a fairly action-packed installment of the serial as it mostly follows Jamie as he works to rescue Victoria, a woman he has never met, from the Daleks.  Daleks are bad.  Given how many missing serials there are, I have no idea if Jamie has met the Daleks before.  He certainly hasn’t met that big man trying to kill him, a fellow in an outfit that looks a wee bit ethnically questionable.  Said fellow was described by the Doctor as a “Turkish wrestler,” and he seems to be a mute, one who was told Jamie was evil and would murder everyone in the house if given the opportunity.

Whoever this guy is, Jamie can’t beat him in a straight fight, but when the man takes a tumble off the roof, Jamie throws him a rope and pulls him to safety.  Since a murderer probably wouldn’t do that, the wrestler decides Jamie is alright.  The two make friends, and since the wrestler can’t talk, he writes his name in some dust so Jamie knows to call him “Kemel”.  And since Victoria was also nice to him, Kemel opts to help Jamie rescue the woman.

That’s rather nice of him.

In fact, Jamie and Kemel manage to take out a Dalek on their way to Victoria’s cell.

And while all this is going on, the Doctor is ticking off different traits that Jamie is displaying that the Doctor claims he has now distilled to put into the Daleks.

Why is the Doctor being so helpful here?  These sound like the kinds of things the Daleks could use to be even more deadly than they already are.

Eh, I’m sure there’s a good reason.

Besides, the Doctor’s not as bad at that Maxtible guy.  He thinks he’s going to get some great secret from the Daleks, and that’s why he’s helping them.  So, he’ll probably meet some grisly death in the last episode of this serial.  That is how these things go after all.