July 22, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Evil Of The Daleks Part 2”

The Second Doctor. "The Evil of the Daleks," Episode Two.

Apparently, this second part is the only episode of the serial that, as far as anyone knows, still exists in its original form.

Oh, the version I saw was still animated, but apparently, there is an original version stashed away somewhere.

I’ll say this for Doctor Who of this era:  it was not afraid to throw a curveball.

The thieving Mr. Kennedy was found by a Dalek?  Well, he’s dead.  But put the Doctor and Jamie in the room, and the pair soon find a number of clues, not the least which being Mr. Waterfield’s office is too small given the space between rooms outside.  A search is made, the keyslot found, and if this were a later Doctor, I am sure a sonic screwdriver would pop out somewhere.  But the Doctor and Jamie do get inside, and then Jamie triggers a booby trap and gets them both hit with a knock-out gas.  From there, Waterfield, who has an office full of authentic Victorian-era antiques that somehow appear to be both authentic and brand new, can step out and zap the pair with himself…somewhere else.

Namely, one hundred years in the past.

Look, I am sure the reason for all this is because some previous serial ended with the Doctor and Jamie in then-modern day London, and they needed something elaborate to zap the pair to Victorian times, but that sure does seem to be a lot to go through just to get the pair to the past when other Doctors would just have the TARDIS appear there.  Besides, credit to Jamie for voicing how Waterfield might have a time machine first.

However, Waterfield had a reason:  some unknown evils are holding his daughter Victoria hostage somewhere!

Huh.  I knew that name sounded familiar.

Apparently, Waterfield and his friend Theodore Maxtible were trying to figure out time travel, and they were a little too successful because some evil thing from beyond showed up, kidnapped Victoria, and made some demands on Waterford and Maxtible to bring them the Doctor and Jamie.  Yes, both of them.  Sure, the Doctor keeps pointing out a man was murdered, but that man hasn’t been born yet where he is.

Oh, and the Daleks want the Doctor to do something for them or else.  Something involving Jamie.

Jamie just got knocked out again.  Oh, and kidnapped.

Somehow, I suspect the Daleks might be too impatient for that.