April 1, 2023

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Only Murders In The Building “Open And Shut”

Season One Finale

Oh, so that’s who the killer was!

Not really a surprise if you watched the penultimate episode.

Yes, after the trio of intrepid (if not exactly brilliant) podcasters went down a number of false clues, the killer is revealed to be…Charles’s new girlfriend Jan, a fan of poisoning who doesn’t care for people leaving her.  She also likes picking up men with big age differences in elevators.  She’s really happy to explain all that to Charles after she’s poisoned him.  But he was recording with his phone the entire time, so all is well…you know, aside from the poisoning.  Mabel and Oliver found more clues in Jan’s apartment, like the missing ring and a collectables tray loaded with toxins, and that just means they need to stop her from gassing the entire building through the now-open fireplaces.

There’s a lot of good humor here too as the poisoned Charles can’t seem to get any help since most of the residents assume he’s just drunk after lying on the floor on an elevator while possibly dying.  Chances are the Gut Milk really helped out there when Oliver and Mabel found him.

The Gut Milk may be the joke gift that keep on giving.

So, really, a murder was solved, Tim Kono actually gets to speak for himself (sort of), and the three are heroes, allowing them to stay in the building…even if I have no idea how Oliver can afford to at this rate.  Charles gets a text message from the young girl he connected with during a failed relationship, Oliver and his son share a half-hearted hug (that’s real progress), and Mabel claims she didn’t murder that nasty woman Bunny with a knitting needle.


Well, that was the opening scene from the first episode, and this episode ends with the trio arrested and being sent away in front of, oh, everybody who had appeared on the show up to this point.  I already know they’ll be out soon thanks to a season two trailer, but that was unexpected.

Oh yeah!  Season two of this delightful show is coming soon!

I will cover it…eventually.  There’s, like, a ten week gap between when this entry goes up and the season premier, but I will get to it.

Plus, The Umbrella Academy returns to Netflix in another nine weeks.

So…I need something at least nine or ten episodes long to hold until then.  I would have gone with The Afterparty since it is at least thematically appropriate to follow up one comedic murder mystery with another, but it’s only eight episodes.

As such…I’m going to the Showtime’s fairly new show, something that might be a hit for all I know, Yellowjackets.

I have only a vague idea what it’s about, but what I do know has intrigued me.  Besides, I couldn’t escape ads for it before YouTube videos for a while there.  When that’s over, it’ll be either Umbrella Academy or Only Murders.  But the point is, Tuesdays are going to be covered for quite some time to come.

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