May 27, 2024

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Gotham “Pieces Of A Broken Mirror”

Season Four, Episode Twelve

Wait, hold on…there’s yet another actress playing Ivy?  Why?  I was kinda getting into the idea of the last one where it was an attractive woman with what was clearly a child’s mind.  Now she’s mutated again and…I have no idea why.

Then again, Peyton List may be the most successful of these actresses to date, so why not?

After the mid-season finale, it’s time to mostly reset the table.  That means Ivy comes out of her cocoon (literally), Barbara still thinks she’s a criminal mastermind as she takes over the Iceberg Lounge, and Gordon finally learns Lee never actually left town.

Meanwhile, Alfred and Bullock seem to bring down murders despite the fact neither of them currently has a job.  OK, someone in the writer’s room realized that Harvey used to own a bar, and he might again.  I’m not sure.  It might even be the same bar.  Would I watch a Bar Rescue series starring Alfred and Bullock?  Honestly, yes.  They might be the two best characters on the show that aren’t villains.

However, this being a table-setting episode, what I have here is establishing the new Ivy basically is Poison Ivy.  Men inexplicably fight over her, rather literally, and she has a poison in her system that almost kills Selina, but this Ivy apparently also knows chemistry now.  I’m not all that fond of how this Ivy is behaving so far.  She’s still, chronologically, an underage child.  It wasn’t that long ago that she opted to dose herself with even more chemicals to become, well, that, and this Ivy suddenly seems a lot more mature, intelligent, and all-around with-it.  Granted, she understood how to use plants to her overall advantage before, but this seems to be a bit more than that.

Likewise, there’s the Riddler.  Someone uses a toy airplane to attack Lee at a meeting.  She’s fine, but that does mean a murder investigation into, well, a toyman.

He’s more of a Superman foe…

Regardless, that brings Gordon to the Narrows, and if he wasn’t also looking into other crimes, he might have caught the guy.  Small problem:  Ed hired him.  He just doesn’t remember hiding him because Gotham keeps mistaking the Riddler for Two-Face.  So, the Riddler persona hired an assassin to take out Lee because Ed was in love with her, apparently.  That’s…something.

So, here’s where the show seems to stand now.  Gordon is still the Captain of the city’s only precinct house.  Lee is running the Narrows.  Ivy has vague plans.  Grundy is getting his memory back, most notably how he lost a hand to Barbara, but now he has two again.  And the Riddler wants out of Ed Nygma’s head.

That’s a lot of crazy.  That’s kind of why I watch this patently ridiculous show.  It also means I don’t have much to say here, but that has more to do with the fact I want to see where the crazy train that is the back half of season four is ultimately going to go first.