September 25, 2023

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Only Murders In The Building “Double Time”

Season One, Episode Nine

You know, I’m no expert, but I would think maybe not putting out podcast episodes as you find evidence for a murder is the best of ideas.  Maybe solve the crime first.  Or at least finish the investigation.  That just makes more sense.

It also kills the whole concept of the series at this point, but what do I know?

This would be the episode where the chickens come home to roost, and who doesn’t like a roast chicken?  You know, besides vegetarians?  And vegans?  And…OK, possibly a lot of people.  But the point stands!  Things happen again!

That may be the fault of either Bunny or Sazz.  Bunny more or less runs the building, evicting Oliver at the start of this episode and bullying the other tenants to evict the other two later.  Sazz is…Charles’s old stunt double.  Yes, that is her name.

Yes, “her” is correct.  Sazz is played by the always-welcome Jane Lynch.  That leads to one of the silliest running gags of the episode where people keep walking into Charles’s apartment, seeing Sazz, and then doing a double take when they see Charles since Sazz is dressed exactly like him but is still clearly a woman.  See, Sazz makes Charles feel inadequate because she did all of his stunts.  And his sex scenes.  Heck, she stole a girlfriend from Charles at one point.  But she comes in and thinks Charles is her friend every year when the stuntman convention blows into town.  She even has good advice for Charles:  remember he’s not inadequate and go see Jan perform even if Jan asked him not to.

Maybe then he can go back to the podcast.

Yes, he quit the podcast.

Oliver and Mabel, however, figure they can get him back with a good new lead.  Tim Kono’s trashbag, as seen in the elevator the night of the murder, had a different colored handle than the ones he usually uses as seen in his garbage.  Maybe he had a lover?  The next door neighbor confirms he had a girlfriend…a very loud one when the good times were goin’.  And the stuff the podcasters retrieved from Tim’s place included a collection of what looked like sex toys, particularly one that Mabel and Oliver can’t place.  It does have a company name on it…

Huh.  Charles is surprised to learn Jan isn’t the first chair bassoonist.

And Mabel and Oliver are surprised to learn that the mystery object is actually a tool used to clean a bassoon.