April 14, 2024

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Locke & Key “Alpha & Omega”

Season Two, Episode Nine

You know, after presenting Dodge as some kind of all-knowing villain, seeing how much he keeps screwing up this season for, frankly, understandable reasons actually works well for me.

OK, so, I do have questions:  if Eden is physically strong enough to take out one of Dodge’s demon-human hybrid minions (as she does here with Javi), then why did she back away from the lot of them one episode ago?  OK, sure, she can probably take one but not all of them, but the point stands:  why did Dodge dump Eden?

I get that Eden is far more impulsive and perhaps not as bright as Dodge is, but she’s not that stupid.  If anything, her plan here is making a lot of sense:  take Josh Bennet down to the Black Door, get him infected with the demon metal, then raise her own demon army to counter Dodge’s.  Sure, there are flaws there.  She probably won’t have much control over the people she infects just as Dodge had very little if any over her.  And even Josh at one point wondered why he, a teacher, was taking advice on strange doors and mystery keys from a student at his school–that was something I was wondering myself for quite some time in this episode when he finally brought it up way into the runtime, actually–but she doesn’t have a completely terrible plan.  She’s even smart enough to realize Dodge has the Shadow Key, so Josh should bring some flashlights in case he shows up.

He does, but he was so clumsy about finding out where Eden and Josh went that he didn’t notice Bode and Jamie hiding in a nearby closet.  When a trap fails in part because two grade schoolers show up to dig a man out of rubble and then wait for him to forget the magic, it probably isn’t a good trap.

Oh, but Ellie is free now.  That’s nice.  It means they don’t have to go into the void and try to find her.

Too bad she still has the female Dodge face.

But really, Dodge’s biggest weakness is…teenage hormones.

He really wants Kinsey to like him enough that she will willingly embrace corruption.  So…Eden’s comments that Dodge was in love with Kinsey sure does seem rather accurate.  Sure, he’s a bad boyfriend that will threaten to kill Nina if Kinsey doesn’t submit, but the point stands.  He’s still a demon boy.

You want a good boyfriend, you go to Tyler, working with Duncan to make a key to free Jackie (and everyone else) from demonic corruption.  Now, Duncan at one point says the metal may come from a demon realm, but that doesn’t make it automatically evil.  Intent counts.  Sure, there’s a monkey’s paw sort of element involved, but intent counts.  Because Tyler is successful in crafting a key that can reverse the demonic corruption.  He then tests it on Jackie and is very pleased to see she goes back to normal.

It also kills her.  See?  Monkey’s paw.  Shedding tears of demon metal will do that.

So, this all makes me think…there’s one more season of this to come at the very least, but it looks like they are finishing up the storyline from the source material unless there’s more I don’t know about.  So, what is season three going to be about?

Eh, I’ll find out eventually.