February 9, 2023

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Characters Case File #372: Slobo

Lobo had this juvenile clone for a period...

Since I started doing those “Noteworthy Issues” reviews, I’ve noticed that, of late, DC Comics has been finding more and more use from the antihero parody character of Lobo.  Sure, he doesn’t have his own series anymore, and that suits me fine since he was basically a one-note character as it was, but he is popping up in a lot of places again.  That’s fine by me.  He works best as an occassional guest star that caused trouble if anything.

But there was a time when he had this kid clone calls “Slobo”.

Slobo first appeared as what was probably a background gag in the Young Justice crossover issue for the DC One Milllion storyline.  One Million, plotted almost entirely by then-JLA writer Grant Morrison, was set in a far distant century, namely the one that would have been the year Action Comics #1,000,000 would come out.  For that one month, every DC issue was number “1,000,000” and had a connection to this big overall story.  Some issues were set in the future while others were set in the present as a future Justice League dealt with a crisis there.  The Young Justice series at that point was still new and the team had all of three members:  Robin, Superboy, and Impulse.  Their future versions were stopping by the old team headquarters to swap stories, where Robin was a robot called the “Toy Wonder,” Superboy was an OMAC-style clone, and Impulse was a being of pure mental energy.  Around the three future heroes were what looked like statues of the Young Justice team, showing many members who hadn’t joined yet, and in the middle of it all was a juvenile version of Lobo.

Fans noticed that one.

So, how did Lobo join the team?  And was it Lobo?  Yes and no.  During a storyline where Klarion the Witch Boy switched the ages of the various DC heroes, with adult heroes becoming kids and kid heroes becoming adults, Lobo was reverted to a teenage form and, unlike the other heroes, wasn’t changed back when the spell was fixed.  That Lobo, initially calling himself “Lil Lobo,” joined Young Justice.  He hung around for a while, basically being a younger Lobo, but then there was a mission to Apokalips that appeared to see Lobo die.  Well, reverting to a younger state had also reactivated one of Lobo’s rarely used powers:  the ability to generate a full clone of himself from every drop of blood he shed.  The clones attacked the forces of Apokalips, destroyed them, then took each other out until there were only two left.  One grew into a Lobo who wouldn’t remember his time on the team, and the other, a yellow-eyed (instead of red-eyed) clone was left behind.

He introduced himself with “‘s Lobo” and that became “Slobo”.

Slobo, other than being a weaker, less stable clone, was basically another young Lobo, someone who was hard to control with little or no moral code worth commenting on.

Unless something like this works.  Except, this is Lobo.  See?  Red eyes.

Slobo hung around with the team, even romancing teammate Empress.  But then Darkseid came back, as is his wont, for the final storyline involving Darkseid trying to make the ghost member of the team Secret evil.  By this point, Slobo’s body was falling apart.  He was blind, probably dying, and then with nothing to lose, he attacked Darkseid.

Darkseid then used the Omega Effect to turn Slobo into…the very statue that appeared in the 1,000,000 issue.  Oh, and he was still alive and conscious.  But yeah, he started at what could have been a throwaway background bit, and he ended…as that throwaway background bit.  It’s just as well.  One Lobo is enough.

Wait, who’s Crush?

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