December 2, 2023

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Pam And Tommy “I Love You, Tommy”

Episode Two

OK, so, it goes without saying that if someone is going to do the story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s infamous sex tape, it stands to reason there might be some nudity.  And yeah, there is.  Honestly, I was curious how many prosthetics were being used here since I somewhat doubted actress Lily James is as, shall we say, well-endowed as Pamela Anderson.  So, yeah, a quick look-up told me she was wearing a prosthetic chest…and a prosthetic forehead.

I was pretty sure that wasn’t really Sebastian Stan’s junk, mostly because I didn’t think his could talk in the voice of Jason Mantzoukas.

So, after learning what sort of a loser Rand was in episode one, this time around, I get the way Pam and Tommy met and married in under a week.  Now, honestly, I can’t say I was ever a fan of either of them.  I was never much for Motely Crue’s sort of music, and I never really thought Anderson was all that attractive.  She was never really my type.  Pairing her off with Tommy in real life didn’t make them something I was much interested in, and I can honestly say I never watched their sex tape because, well, I didn’t.  But it was everywhere, just as Paris Hilton’s was later on.  And I wasn’t much interested in hers either.

As such, the thing that jumps out to me is, well, this series is really trying to be very sympathetic towards Pam.  This episode opens with her, out for a girls’ night with her friends at some club, and her desire to not get involved with another bad boy.

Cue Tommy Lee.  Eyes lock, the two are in love.

But here’s the thing:  it is pretty obvious that their actions are not the smartest of moves.  However, Pam’s role on Baywatch requires her to schmooze TV station managers from across the country, and while none of them seem to be literally drooling over her, the fact that she has to cozy up a bit to these mostly dull, middle-aged men is noteworthy in my mind.  Likewise, she tells Tommy she doesn’t do drugs before taking something that he seems to be pushing.  Is she honestly not a drug user?  I don’t know.  I think Tommy had already slipped something into one of her drinks anyway.

She also talks about being something of a good girl, and her favorite movie is The King and I.  Again, I have no idea how true that is.  But it certainly fits this series’s version of Pam, a woman who seems more naïve than anything else.

As for Tommy…well, he seems more dumb than naïve.  Rand’s time in this episode is limited to a single scene where he points out what one of Tommy’s tattoos really means, something that Rand finds interesting, but Tommy only got it because it looked badass.  His favorite movies involve killer dolls and the like.  And he just decided to follow Pam to Mexico for the above-mentioned conference just because.  If Pam wasn’t into him, he’d be a stalker.  Heck, he still could be.  He doesn’t seem to ask permission before doing stuff, but at the same time, he doesn’t seem to see a problem with any of the things he’s doing.

I mean, you know it may be a bad idea if your own penis suggests not marrying Pam after four days.  Granted, it’s not for the reason I would advise against it, seeing as how the dick just wants more variety than just Pam’s…you know.

But man, when the two of them return to the United States and they haven’t even decided where they are going to live yet…that’s just not a good sign, and that’s before the episode ends with a shot of the video camera on.