June 19, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Eaters Of Light”

The Doctor and Bill intervene in an alien invasion in 2nd century Scotland, along with some general tension between the Romans and Picts.

Wait, why would Bill assume she knew history better than the time traveling alien?

Eh, there have been sillier reasons to go on an adventure.

Apparently, the Doctor and Bill have a disagreement over what happened to a lost Roman Legion that disappeared in 2nd century Scotland.  The Doctor says the Picts took them down.  Bill says they survived in one form or another according to a book she read once.

Dude, he is a time traveler.  I don’t care if Bill’s logic is the Doctor can’t know everything.  I would not argue with him over anything that happened centuries before my great-grandparents were ever born.

It doesn’t matter.  Turns out they’re both wrong!  The local Picts had a portal they protected, where every few decades one of them would go in and never come back by driving a dragon back or something.  The current one, a young girl named Kar, let the dragon out to take out a Roman Legion that had invaded their land.  The dragon, which obviously isn’t a dragon, nearly wiped out the Romans.  A handful managed to survive.  Bill found the Romans, and one of them died getting Bill to the others.  The Doctor and Nardole found the Picts.

Oh, and somehow the Doctor failed to mention the TARDIS translated for him and his people on a routine basis before.

But wait, this dragon is an alien from another dimension, one that sucks the light out of people.  Direct light in a strong enough dose can hurt them enough to kill one.  That’s good because the Doctor realizes these things are like locusts.  The pathway to the portal makes time run longer.  His own interaction for a few seconds resulted in two days’ worth of time passing on the outside, long enough for Nardole to go native.

Never change, Nardole.

That was, of course, how the past Pict warriors managed to fight off the invasion.  One warrior every few decades took down one “dragon” as they couldn’t come through in big numbers.  Otherwise, they’d probably start eating suns.  And that would be terrible.

So, once Bill and the last few Romans make it to the Pict camp, and now that they can all understand each other, the Doctor can tell them to grow up since he figures they’ll need to work together to stop the Light-Eater running around loose.  They do manage to defeat it, but then someone has to go into the portal and close it for good.  The Doctor, as a Time Lord, figures he’ll have to do it.

But then Kar and the Romans work together to do it instead, allowing Kar to make up for letting the thing loose while allowing the Romans to make up for their own perceived cowardice.  And since so many of them went in at the same time, the portal closed for good.

But it did start playing music.

So, back to the TARDIS…where Missy was the entire time.  The Doctor arranged for her to come out if she did repair work on the TARDIS.  Bill and Nardole don’t like it, but the Doctor would like to be her friend again, and maybe, just maybe, they can be again if Missy has changed, learning to listen to the music of other people or some such.

Well, the portal music is making Missy cry.  Is she…reformed?