May 19, 2024

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Only Murders In The Building “Fan Fiction”

Season One, Episode Eight

Well, the good news is some criminals go down in this episode.

The bad news is neither of them is the killer.

Yup, Teddy Dimas thought he should threaten Oliver and Mabel to keep quiet about the fact he and Theo rob corpses of jewelry.  And they maybe killed Tim Kono.  They have motive, they had means, and Teddy seems evil enough.  Well, as evil as Nathan Lane can seem anyway.

So, will Mabel and Oliver get done one last episode that exonerates the Dimases, as Teddy insists?  Can they figure out the crime in time to get the case wrapped up for their unofficial helper Detective Williams?  Will Charles notice his new girlfriend Jan is not exactly welcome to Oliver and Mabel?  What about the superfans?

Yeah, they have some.  Four to be precise.  One is a kid.  One is a young woman in a wheelchair.  One is a young man who makes his own fan swag.  And the last is an older man who, among other dropped revelations, is not invited to his own daughter’s wedding.  Methinks that last guy might not be that cool.

OK, that does mean between those four…well, three since the kid had a bedtime…plus Jan and Oscar, they can maybe crack the Tim Kono case.  Charles got into Tim’s phone, and there are a lot of incriminating photos of the Dimases in there, plus a video where he said the reason he did what he did was to bring the Dimases down before they hurt someone else he cared about, so he did have a heart.  If anything, the presence of the superfans helps because, as obsessive fans, they noticed some things Charles, Oliver, and Mabel missed.

That said, Jan keeps pushing the group away from the Dimases for some reason.  You know, until Oliver and Mabel tell her to get lost.

Well, it turns out there is enough evidence to send the cops to pick up the Dimases at least for the grave robbery and a last episode comes out.

But then the toxicology report from Detective Williams reveals Tim died of poisoning, not a gunshot.

And Jan is out cold and bleeding in her place when Charles comes by later.

Man, it’s almost like a ten episode season will not wrap up a case with two episodes left.