June 19, 2024

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Doctor Who “Extremis”

The Doctor needs help.

Well, that was clever.

See, there are two storylines going on here.  The Doctor is somewhere else overseeing what looks like Missy’s execution by an alien race that can instantly look up things like a being’s body count, and their method will wipe out Missy once and for all, no regenerations or anything.  Nardole is there, and he and the Doctor seem to be working towards maybe sparing her life for some reason.

In the present,  the Pope asks the Doctor for help reading something called “Extremis” that a pope long past left behind for the Doctor.  The Doctor is still blind, relying on the sonic sunglasses to see…well, basic stuff but not much else.  Asking him to read, well, anything is probably out of the question, and Nardole, the only one who knows he’s blind, can only do so much.  But it does mean using the TARDIS to pick up Bill in the middle of a date, ruining her chances since having the Pope suddenly appear in your bedroom is a huge turn-off.

Anyway, off to the Vatican.  That means a trip to the secret library that even the Pope won’t enter.  What is it about the Extremis that is so concerning?

I mean, the Vatican guide seems to be jumped by some weird thing, and Nardole and Bill head off by themselves and find portals to…well, lots of secure places.  The folks at the CERN super-collider are getting ready to blow themselves up because, well, they say the world isn’t real and they’re the heroes.  Plus, everyone keeps picking the same random numbers.  Even weirder, when Bill and Nardole return to the portal room, Nardole figures it’s a holographic projector and he…ceases to exist when he reaches behind one.

Oh my.

Also, the Doctor is being chased by these robed alien zombie things.

This is not a good thing.  He had to borrow eyesight from a future incarnation, and it was only temporary, but the Doctor does figure everything out.

He’s not real either.

The aliens set up a fake world to see how they could conquer the real world.  Everyone there isn’t real.  Anyone who reads “Extremis” realizes this is true and that they’re all computer programs.  Most of those folks then kill themselves since they weren’t really alive anyway, and those aliens take out Hologram Bill.


But then there’s the Doctor.  He’s no more real than anyone else.  But because he was struck blind, he has to use the sonic sunglasses.  And those have wifi.  So, the Not-Doctor can do what everyone does when they’re in trouble:  he can call the Doctor, sending his memory to the real Doctor outside to warn him these robed weirdos are coming. That works!

But the real Doctor also has problems because, you know, still blind.  He’ll have to ask whoever is in the vault for help.

It’s Missy.

In the past, he pledged to watch her body for 1,000 years, but he also fiddled with the execution machine so she didn’t die.  Likewise, since the people looking to kill Missy could look up body counts…the Doctor’s terrifying and he’s never even armed.  So, to keep his oath, he had to lock Missy up in that vault for a thousand years.  But if she says she’s his friend, will she help him now?

That sounds like a good question.  But at least this is the real Doctor.