February 1, 2023

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Noteworthy Issues: Eternals #2 (February, 2021)

Ikaris takes on Thanos while the mystery of Zuras's death deepens.

Eternals #1 brought back perhaps the weirdest of Jack Kirby’s many weird Marvel creations, but there is something possibly of happening, and there is a mystery or two going on as a result.

Plus, there’s Thanos.

Issue:  Eternals #2, February 2021

Writer:  Kieron Gillen

Artist:   Esad Ribic

The Plot:  Ikaris and Sprite find Thanos in a realm only Eternals can enter, and the mystery of Zuras’s murder takes a deeper turn.

Commentary:  Well, Thanos is here.  So, Thanos is an Eternal right?  Well…

See, Thanos should be an Eternal.  His father Mentor was one of the Eternals of Titan.  His brother Eros is an Eternal.  His mother whose name I don’t have handy was an Eternal.  This issue, as narrated by the planet Earth herself (and she’s not feeling all that well apparently), says that…Thanos is kinda sorta not an Eternal.

Apparently, Eternals can be declared to be Not Eternals if the mood is right.  Thanos’s parents, it should be noted, are both dead and barred from resurrection for the crime of conceiving and birthing Thanos.  The Titan-based Eternals left to pursue different avenues than the Earth-based ones, and their status is something a bit question, so Thanos is and isn’t an Eternal.  However, the realm Ikaris and Sprite found him in is a location only Eternals can access, and that’s bad.

Unless you’re Ikaris and would love to battle Thanos for the first time.

The Thanos fight, which ends with Ikaris and Sprite escaping, the former very reluctantly, is more like a side plot.  The real plot seems to be about Zuras’s murder, and while Thanos makes a very good suspect, if the whole “Thanos can’t go there by himself” thing is true, then some other Eternal let him in.  Druig, the mind controller with political power that no one likes, would certainly be a good suspect, but he’s also too obvious.  Sersi comes in here with a small group of Eternals she trusts to look into things:  Ikaris, Phastos, Kringo, and Sprite, though in Sprite’s case, it was more to keep an eye on her than trusting her, and she knows it, even though it was her powers that saved Ikaris from Thanos.

However, in another twist, the resurrection mechanism for the Eternals had to be suspended, so asking Zuras who killed him is not likely to happen any time soon.  It also means the Eternals are, at least temporarily, not all that Eternal after all.  The way the story went from godlike beings existing on Earth and finding their way to a noir-ish murder mystery involving godlike beings who can, at least for now, die in a much more permanent manner really works for me.  It’s intriguing at the very least, so yeah, I’ll be moving on with this one.

Grade:  B+

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