September 29, 2023

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Only Murders In The Building “The Boy From 6B”

Season One, Episode Seven

Wait, a mostly dialogue-free episode?  Aside from subtitles?  I can get behind this.

See, Teddy Dimas may or may not be smuggling jewelry.  He may or may not have something to do with Tim Kono’s death.  But his son Theo is deaf, so anytime he’s onscreen for this episode, the only sound is the ambient music.  Other scenes?  Well, they also stay largely dialogue free, but that’s just clever writing.  Charles leaves the other two to go on a date with Jan, during which they play the world’s most seductive game of Scrabble.  Mabel and Oliver, meanwhile, take a ride over to a funeral home after a little break-in of the Dimas place shows a hidden room with a lot of funeral urns.

Wait, did I type up something about a seductive game of Scrabble?

Yes.  Yes, I did.

So, yeah.

Anyhoo,  Theo actually knows stuff, and it does appear by episode’s end that Teddy is smuggling jewelry using corpses.  Um, ew.  More importantly, Theo and Teddy know a bit more about Tim Kono than, well, anyone.  Most importantly, Theo knew Zoe, Oscar’s dead high school girlfriend.

Yeah, Zoe knew sign language and when she and the others went all Hardy Boys in the Dimas place, she realized he was hiding in the secret room watching them, and the ring she had before she died but not after was taken from there.  Her death was something of an accident when she and Theo sort of got into a fight when he didn’t realize her flirting wasn’t serious.  She more or less fell off the roof accidentally, and Theo went to his father for help.  From there, it was easy for Teddy to threaten the only possible witness, Tim, into silence.

That…actually makes a whole lot of sense.  Why would a banker be looking to take down some jewelry smugglers?  Why would he have cut Mabel off so suddenly?  Why are Charles and Jan playing seductive games of Scrabble?

OK, the last question doesn’t really get answered there.  I just thought it was a fun scene.

Now, Teddy thinks he can control Oliver if the podcast says too much.  Theo actually knows his father is a suspect.  Oliver and Mabel were captured by Theo, but not before Charles was able to get into Tim’s phone using “Theo” as the four-letter password.  It’s all coming together…maybe.  I mean, something tells me Teddy may be a criminal, but not the murderer.  Maybe just because there are still three episodes left…