October 4, 2022

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Noteworthy Issues: Dark Nights: Death Metal #3 (August, 2020)

Wonder Woman and her team rescue Superman and the rest of the universe's heroes as the Batman Who Laughs pursues his next target.

Well, so far, Dark Nights: Death Metal has been running better for me than other Snyder-written cosmic stories.  Could it be the heroes of this story won’t spend the entire story facing setback after setback?

Well, possibly not, but three issues in and that isn’t the case.

Issue:  Dark Nights: Death Metal #3, August 2020

Writer:  Scott Snyder

Artists:  Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion

The Plot:  Wonder Woman and the Batman Who Laughs set their plans in motion as Diana and Bruce rescue Superman from New Apokalips.

Commentary:  Three issues in, and I am already waiting for the other shoe to drop.  There are hints here, but I am going off Snyder’s reputation and patterns.  And so far, the heroes are doing far too well given what I have read of his past work where the bad guys just seem too powerful.  Take this issue where Diana and her team are mostly looking to rescue Superman.  He’s being held in “New Apokalips,” like all the other heroes of the universe, and he’s being held by a Dark Multiverse Batman who, thanks to the Anti-Life Equation, basically became his universe’s Darkseid, and he’s in the process of using the same process on Superman, leaving the Man of Steel with one “Darkseid” arm as he shuts down the life process in the Last Son of Krypton’s cells.  But for all that a Darkseid-powered Batman should seem rather formidable, complete with an army of Parademons with a Robin motif, to say nothing of three other Batmen, one a Red Lantern and the other seemingly the Silver Surfer, he and the other Dark Batmen are all taken out rather easily.  The latter group are all defeated by the Black Lantern Jonah Hex, and the rest by Batman, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, and Harley Quinn.

When did Harley join the team?  There’s no reference.  She’s just there.

Regardless, there’s a secret that both Superman and Batman are hiding from Diana, but the real point seems to be Diana has a three-pronged plan to defeat both the Batman Who Laughs and Perpetua, and to that end, she needs to liberate the other heroes.  They’re apparently just standing around a plain white room without any real concerns, aside from the baby Starro, AKA Jarro, that calls Bruce his father and is needed because he’s the strongest psychic in the universe.

The point is that things seem to be going well for the heroes, and I’m not even at the halfway point for the main series.  DC Infinite lists a lot of tie-in specials, and I’ll go through them as well.  Heck, the next issue is one of those as far as DC Infinite is concerned.  My point is, there has to be other moves going on, and the Batman Who Laughs, now powered by whatever powers Dr. Manhattan has, is after Wally West since Wally is full of the Crisis Energy needed to fix the multiverse, and the Batman Who Laughs alongside the juvenile Robin King find the JSA’s hiding place easily.  And if I got tired of how unstoppable the Batman Who Laughs turned out to be…man, I am going to feel the same way about the Robin King.  I can feel it.  Mostly because he claims to have in his utility belt the right weapon needed to kill every superhero in the world, and the one he describes as being able to kill Barry Allen…yeah, that would probably kill Barry, but Barry seems like someone anyone can kill if you can catch him, so what do I know?

And then there’s Lobo, gathering unknown substances for a third party revealed on the last page, and if nothing else, this issue gave me Lobo attacking the 5th dimension.

So, this is still mostly working for me, but I just know I stand a strong chance to get frustrated with whatever Snyder is doing here at some point before it’s finished.

Grade:  B

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