May 27, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Unification Part 2”

Picard and Data find trouble as they watch over Spock's rogue diplomatic mission.

The big Spock two-parter gave TNG fans a lot more of Leonard Nimoy’s beloved Mr. Spock in the second episode, and now, Jimmy and Tom have some thoughts on that, Klingon Opera, and how many Watsons are too many.

See below for such riveting ideas.

“Unification Part 2”

While Picard sticks with Spock, Riker and the Enterprise follow other clues involving lost ships.

jimmy:  They made sure to get that Star Trek VI plug in right off the hop.

tomk:  Well, when Spock turned to the camera and said, “There is a new movie coming out soon if you prefer the other captain,” I think that got to the point.

jimmy:  Whilst standing in front of the giant “Undiscovered Country…Only In Theaters December 1991” banner.

tomk:  Picard sure looked confused when that happened.

jimmy:  He probably figured his ears were on too tight.

tomk:  Or he really missed Sarek.

jimmy:  Possibly more than Spock.

tomk:  Spock doesn’t show off his feelings much for some reason.

jimmy:  Just to mess with Data.

tomk:  Regardless, we somehow neglected to mention Sarek’s death in part one. Data might have remembered.

jimmy:  Yes. That was an oversight. Sad to see him go.  A generation spanning character.

tomk:  Played by one of Trek’s most reliable guest actors.

jimmy:  For sure.

tomk:  But he and Spock were arguing back in TOS. Spock will miss that.

But he won’t miss a traitor when he sees one.

jimmy:  It was only logical.

tomk:  Dude, the Romulans sure looked dumb in this one. They even left Spock, Dara, and Picard in a room alone where they could easily plan an escape. At least put a camera on.

jimmy:  Tasha’s daughter has a lot to learn.

tomk:  Like “Deep Fakes never work”.

jimmy:  Don’t tell Luke Skywalker.

tomk:  You mean Fluke Skywalker?

jimmy:  I do?

tomk:  I dunno. Have a bacon cheeseburger.

jimmy:  I am suitably satisfied and distracted.

tomk:  Good. Don’t forget the side of onion rings.

jimmy:  But you know it’s only a matter of time before Spock and Kirk deep fakes start appearing.

And I don’t like onion rings.

tomk:  Those were for the Moose.

And why deep fake when you can just recast?

jimmy:  Ok, he does like them.

But that’s a different timeline in the Watsonverse.

tomk:  For you, a cold beer and a trip to a Klingon opera.

jimmy:  Beer good. Klingon opera, not so good.

tomk:  You need something to pass the time while you wait for a fat Ferengi.

jimmy:  I guess there can’t be many around if that feature distinguishes him.

tomk:  Ferengi tend to be thin and wiry, the better to escape creditors.

jimmy:  This guy couldn’t escape an ugly dead fish.

tomk:  That must be why Worf let Riker do the rough stuff.

jimmy:  And Riker let Worf do the boring stuff.

tomk:  You don’t “let” Worf do anything.

jimmy:  He does whatever he wants?

tomk:  Obviously.

jimmy:  MVP.

tomk:  I mean, Riker sells sheet music for information. But Worf?  He just asks.

jimmy:  Riker’s smooth with the ladies…even when he is probably repulsed.

tomk:  What makes you think he’s repulsed?  He got with an alien woman once to escape a hospital.

jimmy:  She was a little more attractive.

tomk:  Don’t body shame the four armed woman, Jimmy.

jimmy:  Fair enough. Either way, Riker sure had the…keys to her heart. ahem

tomk:  He can read women like a book. Unfortunately, the book is sometimes James Joyce’s Ulysses.

jimmy:  I haven’t read it, so I’ll assume that’s a funny joke?

tomk:  You make your port jokes; I will make my difficult literature jokes.

jimmy:  Or we can just both make fun of Watson.

tomk:  He also has not read Ulysses.

jimmy:  Has he figured out how to reprogram a CGI Spock to prevent an invasion?

tomk:  That’s for Data. Spock. Picard. Worf if you just want Spock to growl and spit out swear words. Barclay. Possibly O’Brien. Don’t ask Geordi to do it.

jimmy:  Geordi’s busy not figuring out if those are the stolen Vulcan ships.

tomk:  CSI: The Next Generation was not as successful.

And the less said about other spin-offs, the better.

jimmy:  Data’s no Yodeling Zeke.

tomk:  He might be able to work his way up to Lurleen Lumpkin.

jimmy:  If Worf doesn’t beat him to it.

tomk:  Worf is probably the explanation for this scene:

jimmy:  Lol

tomk:  Besides, Data is busy pointing out irony to Spock.


tomk:  Yeah, just like that.  Have a box of animal crackers.

jimmy:  There’s definitely an irony there with Data being the TNG Spock and being the “perfect Vulcan”.

tomk:  It is a good way to show how these characters, similar as they are, are also unique and different from each other.

jimmy:  Which is good. You wouldn’t want them to be TOS clones.

tomk:  What?  Picard in a toupee and a Dr. McCoy clone in Sickbay?  Sounds like terrible ideas.

jimmy:  Exactly.

tomk:  Well, good.

jimmy:  Pulaski was close.

tomk:  So, what did you think of Spock’s mission and interaction with the new crew?

jimmy:  Well, it was really only Picard and Data, but I enjoyed it. Much better than Bones’ cameo.

tomk:  But not as good as that time Nurse Chapel changed her name and refused to go away.

jimmy:  No?

As for the mission itself, it sure seemed up Spock’s alley.

tomk:  True. It’s just kinda weird seeing Spock without the rest of the original crew. They collectively had good chemistry as does the TNG crew, but I don’t know how well they mix and match.

jimmy:  I thought the chemistry here was fine. It didn’t stand out as lacking. I think Nimoy has chemistry with everyone.

tomk:  Like Chris Evans but not Watson?

jimmy:  Exactly.

tomk:  And I am sure Spock’s efforts will be completely successful and will not lead to his finding himself in a different timeline where Dr Strange is Khan.

jimmy:  Star Trek is in the MCU now?  Multiverse FTW!  Don’t tell Watson!

tomk:  He probably already knows…on another Earth.

jimmy:  Fortunately, it’s been scientifically proven there’s only one Watson in the multiverse.

tomk:  That is what Watson says. Is that science or wishful thinking?  Because I don’t know what that has to do with Spock, or Klingon opera, or archaeologists from the future, or that bag of chips complete with a cheese dip.

jimmy:  Well, at least one of those we hope to never hear again.

tomk:  Ok. No more chips and dip.

jimmy:  Dammit!

tomk:  Instead, there’s pretzels and dip.

jimmy:  We’re gonna need some Romulan ale for those pretzels.

tomk:  Ask Spock.

jimmy:  Maybe he can export it to fund the unification.

tomk:  It beats trying to invade Vulcan with military forces. He can instead invade with flavor.

jimmy:  It would certainly be more enjoyable.

tomk:  True. And now you can have the chips back.

jimmy:  Nice. And I didn’t even need to mind meld with anyone to get the long wanted approval from my dead father’s memories.

tomk:  I didn’t need a mind meld for that because I always had my father’s approval.

Now, my cat is another story…

jimmy:  Heh

How old are Spock and Sarek anyway?

tomk:  Um…very.

Like, Sarek keeps insisting it is logical for the neighborhood children to stay off his lawn.

jimmy:  That’s only common courtesy!

tomk:  True. But Vulcan kids can be very rude.

jimmy:  That’s because you can’t slap them anymore.

tomk:  I forgot how much you hate some children.

jimmy:  I don’t hate them. Sometimes they just need a good snack.

Err, smack. Or snack, sometimes they need that too.

tomk:  I almost read that as sometimes they make a good snack.

Maybe we should move on from here.

jimmy:  Yes.

Sometimes, be it father or friend or whomever, we don’t reconcile and eventually it is too late.

tomk:  That’s deep.  You’re going to reconcile with Watson now?

jimmy:  No. Or later.

Some guys are just jerks.

tomk:  In that case, how about we look into the time the Enterprise picked up a time traveling jerk?

jimmy:  A time traveling jerk?  I thought we were changing the topic from Watson?

tomk:  This one might be Max Headroom.

jimmy:  To the Bar!

tomk:  Good. Time to see what a problem a time traveling archaeologist can be.

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