February 26, 2024

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YouTube Selection: CineFix’s Favorite Oscar Winners

CineFix picks their favorite Oscar winners in each category.

Well, the Oscars are this weekend.  Sure, I don’t think too much of ’em, but other people do.

Besides, CineFix put together one of their Top Ten Lists, and this time it’s for Oscar winners.  As I always say, a CineFix list is always an easy choice for this reoccurring quickie column I do.

CIneFix, as I always say, doesn’t just toss off some popular recent picks with their lists.  Instead, they create categories, recommend a bunch of other options, and then pick a favorite.  It means you’ll get a few dozen good movie recommendations, and for this list, they go by Oscar categories, so there’s a Best Actor category, Best Screenplay, and so forth.  See their picks below.


Oh, and as a bonus video, here’s what Honest Trailers had to say about this year’s Best Picture nominees: