April 18, 2024

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Gotham “Let Them Eat Pie”

Season Four, Episode Nine

Oh goodie!  Professor Pyg’s back!  And he’s read Jonathan Swift!

So, in a move that should surprise no one, Professor Pyg doesn’t just kill cops taking Penguin’s money.  There’s none of them left as it is.  And with Gordon installed by Sofia as the new GCPD Captain and Bullock off sulking like Achilles in his tent…if you don’t get that reference, then READ A BOOK…well, the point is, Professor Pyg may need some new targets.

He starts with some homeless people.


But the real target may be rich people.

Kinda.  And not Bruce.  That kid has suffered enough, and now he’s insufferable.  Lousy billionaire emo kids…

Alright, so, the Penguin is really going all in with that mute orphan, so something awful must be about to happen with him.  Penguin is trying to use Martin to spy on Sofia.  It doesn’t work, and Gordon is spending more time looking for the Pyg especially after the Professor jumps a woman cop and takes her away as a hostage.  Gordon doesn’t do well with cop hostages.  That kind of thing makes him mad, but also stupid since he does find Professor Pyg posing as a cook at a fancy dinner and Gordon doesn’t stop to think the wait staff might be hired goons.

Those are among the worst types of goons.  Freelance and unhired goons are generally worse.

Anyhoo, Pyg’s plan is simple:  force the rich at a fancy dinner to eat meat pies made out of the dead homeless people because reasons.  Pyg doesn’t have to make sense.  He just has to hold Martin hostage since Sofia is hosting the dinner and the Penguin is also there because if you’re going to have a fancy dinner, then having a high ranking crimelord in attendance is just common sense.  Granted, I wouldn’t do it, but I’m not Sofia Falcone.

So, will the rich eat the poor to keep an orphan alive?  They better.  Sofia doesn’t because she gets a knife through the hand for general impertinence, and one rich jerk next to Penguin doesn’t because he questions out loud the value of a single orphan and gets the same knife through Sofia’s hand into his skull.  Then Penguin commits some cannibalism and most of the guests reluctantly follow suit.  Sofia is only saved because Gordon comes in and gets involved with what may be the worst fight choreography this show has ever done.  It just looked extra staged.  I mean, Pyg got arrested in the end, but that was a shoddy fight scene.  I expect better from the general ridiculousness of Gotham.

As it is, Penguin says he’s going to drop the silly crime licenses, but he expects Gordon to no longer be police captain.  I would think there would be more than one of those, but what do I know?  He does know Jim was kissed by Sofia, but he may or may not know Jim broke that thing off.  Martin may take notes, but that kid doesn’t get many details.  That’s kinda important.

Say, why is Alexander Siddig still listed in the opening credits if Ra’s al-Ghul died multiple episodes ago?