December 6, 2022

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Locke & Key “The Maze”

Season Two, Episode Six

For the previous episode, I complimented the series’s work to raise the stakes and let the various Lockes know how serious things were without making it seem completely overwhelming.  Now all they need to do is keep Duncan’s returned memory a secret from Dodge.

Easier said than done when he’s at the door and maybe Kinsey’s boyfriend.

So, here’s the thing:  a lot of what I saw this episode is stuff I liked.  The tension Kinsey is living through as she tries to keep Duncan’s condition a secret from Dodge is great as Dodge is standing right behind her and not leaving.  It’s at the annual Winterfest, and Kinsey is manning the face-painting booth.  Dodge just shows up in his Gabe form and won’t leave.  You know, until Eden texts him with evidence that Duncan was fine after all.  Sure, Kinsey can blame herself, but it was actually Erin’s fault that Dodge learned the truth.

But here’s a bit more of the stuff I liked, even one thing that normally wouldn’t have worked for me.

In fact, I’ll start with that.  I have not exactly been keeping it a secret that I don’t much care for the high school romance drama on this series, and that goes big time for most Tyler/Jackie scenes.  But now that Tyler has the Memory Key, he can make it so Jackie won’t forget the magic now that she’s too old.  But rather than just jam the key into her, he shows off key magic and then, well, asks her permission.

You know, he seeks consent first.

And when she says “no” because some magic is beautiful but the rest is horrifying, he respects her decision.

That…is a great metaphor for something else kids that age might get into and how to do it right.

Next up: the Chain Key.  Duncan and Bode find it, and when Erin uses it, it does do something really cool.  It almost takes out Dodge if not for Eden’s assistance.

Third: Eden’s mother.  She’s there mostly for more comedic purposes, but Eden’s mother shows up to spend time with her daughter, revealing Eden’s father is cheating on her.  Eden’s demonically-influenced response prompts her mother to just assume Eden is being funny or supportive or something.

Fourth:  Erin’s death, because she was kinda dumb.  She could have just left town like she had planned, but instead she decides as the last of the “Keepers of the Keys,” it is her job to stop Dodge.  She fails, and it costs her.  However, her decision has repercussions.  Duncan decided to follow her with the Anywhere Key, alerting Eden and Dodge that he was fine.  Dodge now knows Duncan is fine.  And that leads to the episode’s best moment..

The final point:  Kinsey tells Dodge that Duncan’s fine and asks him to come over.  Why do this?  Well, he knows anyway, so what better way to set up a trap…

This show just got a whole lot better in the back half.

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