June 19, 2024

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Doctor Who “Hell Bent”

The Doctor takes on the Time Lords themselves to save Clara.

Well, the Doctor got back to Gallifrey.  And he’s doing it all to save Clara.


I think that’s a good question.  The Doctor has seen other people die.  Even the occasional companion.  Why is he going all-out to save Clara of all people?  She’s not a bad person or anything, but I don’t see what makes her so special compared to other past companions.  But I’ve said that before, and I see no reason to say it again.  Let’s just say it does seem appropriate that the episode ends with the Doctor having no memory at all of Clara.

See, the Doctor returned to Gallifrey, and the first thing he did was take on the Time Lord President, Rassilon.

Wait, the guy who more or less founded the Time Lords?  How does the Doctor take him out?

Um, he didn’t do a dang thing but stand there.  No joke.  And this time, Rassilon is also Maester Luwin.  Makes sense if Arya Stark is hanging around the episode too.  Besides, Donald Sumpter did the old series where he played a sub commander.    No, Rassilon sends out people to bring the Doctor in, but the Doctor keeps, well, refusing to do much of anything, even to talk back.  Soldiers go?  They go back without him, even the General.  Even the Time Lord Council in their silly shoulder pads get nothin’.  As for Rassilon, the Doctor blames him for a lot of atrocities and tells him to leave Gallifrey.  Rassilon retaliates by ordering a firing squad to shoot the Doctor.

Small problem there:  the Doctor is a war hero, and many of these soldiers owe the Doctor their lives. They end up siding with him.

So, the Doctor is looking to do all this to get Clara back.  The Time Lords can bring someone back at the moment of their death, but only for a moment and they have to go back.  The Doctor gets that, and there’s Clara, technically dead as she has no heart beat but she’s sort of alive.  The Time Lords would like some information on the Hybrid, the thing that was born of two warrior races and will stand at Gallifrey’s ruins at the end of time.  Every prophecy from the matrix says so.

The Doctor, naturally, opts to leave, even shooting the General (he regenerates into a she).  Down to the Cloisters where the accumulation of Time Lord knowledge is stored.  Things don’t generally come out of there.  There’s a suicidal Dalek begging to be exterminated, a Cyberman, a few Weeping Angels…man, that place stinks.  Sure, the Doctor and Clara get in and out, and by then the Doctor is sure Ashildr is the Hybrid.  Steal a TARDIS and go talk to her, save Clara and…

Look, none of this works.  Not really.  Ashildr is at the end of the time, but she suspects the real Hybrid is the Doctor AND Clara.

And, well, they are at the ruins of Gallifrey at the end of time.  The prophecy never said they wrecked the place.  So, to save Clara, the Doctor will have to wipe her memory, but there’s some confusion, he has his own memory wiped instead of Clara’s.  And she and Ashildr are going to eventually get her back to Gallifrey to die.  Eventually.

Um, OK.

So, that’s Clara’s time on the TARDIS, done and gone.  And…I feel nothing one way or the other about that.  Nothing against Jenna Coleman.  She’s fine and all, but there’s nothing to this character who just hung around and supposedly was a thrill-seeker.  Yeah, there’s some talk that Missy is responsible for putting Clara and the Doctor together because Missy loves chaos and wants the Doctor to love it too but…was Clara really that chaotic?  Her first season, with the previous Doctor, showed her as a mystery that somehow stopped the Great Intelligence from causing the Doctor to fail at every step by fixing all that somehow, but really, who was she?  She was just, I dunno, the cute young girl who was apparently his friend for…some reason.

Point is, I didn’t hate her, but I won’t miss her.

As for the Twelfth Doctor…well, apparently his best companion is coming really soon.