March 2, 2024

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Gotham “Stop Hitting Yourself”

Season Four, Episode Eight

Darn. Professor Pyg isn’t in this one.

Instead, I get something like proof that some people are better at being criminal masterminds than Barbara without even trying.

I learned that with the main plot, involving the Penguin dispatching Tabitha (an actual criminal mastermind), Selina (a criminal mastermind-in-training), and Barbara (so not a criminal mastermind) on a simple mission to the Narrows neighborhood to bring back Ed Nygma.  Ed may not be as smart as he used to be, but he’s there doing Penguin impressions for the fight club where Grundy is working, Lee is the doctor on hand, and some woman named Cherry is keeping everyone under her thumb.

Oh, and if the women screw up, Firefly is following them.

OK, so, how can this go very, very wrong?  Well, it can go wrong in a lot of different ways.  For one, Grundy is remembering his life in short flashes as Butch, the world’s friendliest gangster.  That mostly involves kissing Tabitha when he isn’t in the ring pulling off opponents’ limbs before beating them to death with them.  For another, getting the trio there to bring back Eddie meets some complications when the adult members see what’s going on and go off to do their own thing.  Tabitha tries to talk to Butch, but he doesn’t remember her.  Barbara goes to talk to Lee to find out why she’s still in the city, but that ends quickly when Lee more or less knocks that dummy out.

So not a criminal mastermind.

About the only one who seems to be on the ball is Selina as she actually does find and subdue Ed without too much trouble.  Only Grundy’s arrival stops the women from leaving, and Selina suggests that they use Narrows Rules:  let it be settled in the ring who gets Ed.  It’ll be his best fighter against theirs, namely Grundy vs. Tabitha.

Tabitha actually wins because of those Butch flashbacks at an inconvenient time.  But then Firefly walks in because, dangit, the Penguin’s artificial deadline is over.  And fire is the one thing Grundy fears.

Lee manages to take Firefly out with a well-aimed shot to her flamethrower.


That actually means that Lee, without even trying all that hard, is the new boss in the Narrows.  Cherry sold them out to Penguin and fled.  Barbara and her group are going to stay in the Narrows.  Ed gets it.  Really, Lee is the accidental mastermind this show needs.

I mean, the actual masterminds show Sofia trying to manipulate Gordon into the Captain’s job at the precinct house at Bullock’s expense and Penguin teaching a mute orphan how to be a master criminal.  Those plans have their own problems like Jim’s incurable honesty and Penguin’s only really working with a kid, but those plans are a hell of a lot better than anything Barbara has ever come up with on her own.  Besides, it took Jim Gordon this long to realize that the mob boss is maybe not the one doing him a favor out of the goodness of her heart?  Homer Simpson gets that much!

I am starting to get the impression Homer Simpson is smarter than Jim Gordon.