July 4, 2022

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Only Murders In The Building “Twist”

Season One, Episode Five

So, for a show like this with only ten half hour or so episodes, it makes sense for the three protagonists to finally come together with some level of trust.

Besides…Tie-Dye-Guy!  That fellow has to answer some questions for sure!

Yeah, he’s Mabel’s friend Oscar.  The one who went to jail for the death of his girlfriend Zoe, but Tim saw her arguing with someone else and said nothing while Mabel just believes Oscar is innocent.  He was headed towards Tim’s apartment the night of the murder, but he says he didn’t do it.

But really, this episode seemed to focus more on Oliver and Charles’s trying to follow Mabel and square what they are seeing (Mabel with the Tie-Dye-Guy) to what they know about her (next to nothing).  For me, that led to the episode’s best moments:  Oliver has to fetch his ancient car, one he can’t even legally drive thanks to a long-expired driver’s license, but he still pays for parking for a car that seems to need seawater to run properly at one point.  And yes, he does have a name for it.  “Aphrodite” seems appropriate somehow.

They even hitch a ride with two cousins who have their own, much more successful podcast at one point.

Naturally, Oliver and Charles spend most of the trip bickering.  Oliver is convinced Mabel is now a suspect.  Charles thinks she is too sweet and innocent.  And even more naturally, Charles is the one that sounds like he is the doubter when the two old men catch up to Mabel at a tattoo shop in Long Island, a place which is most certainly not Washington Park.

OK, truth comes out:  yes, Mabel knew Tim.  No, neither she nor Oscar killed him.  Oscar heard the gunshot, though.  And even though he was a banker, the guy working in the tattoo parlor is convinced that Tim was doing something involving knock-off jewelry, so he might have been less of a criminal than anyone thought.  Unless he was running that jewelry ring.

And Mabel does have all the jewelry in her bag.

Hmmm.  This mystery is something else, but these people are not Scooby Doo and the gang…

But this is also a show where weekly reviews and recaps don’t mean much since it’s mostly just a delightful show full of urbane wit.

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