March 2, 2024

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Gotham “A Day In The Narrows”

Season Four, Episode Seven

Oh, Professor Pyg, where have you been all my life?

OK, that’s asking a bit much.  Where has he been in this version of Gotham City all this time?

So, here I am, for the second episode in a row, most invested in the Jim Gordon storyline.  That has a lot less to do with Gordon than it does Professor Pyg.  He spells his name with a “y” because it’s really short for “Pygmalion.”  Sure, even I figured out his final trick in this episode, but I don’t watch Gotham for deep and intense mysteries.  I watch it because it’s a weird show that may or may not take itself seriously, and so I can make bitchy comments about it here in a weekly column.

So, yeah, the strangely charismatic Professor Pyg is there, a charming villain that sets up booby traps for corrupt cops, sending severed pigs heads to that precinct house that finally confirmed there are other precinct houses besides that one.  It sure does look like there’s one for every cop, causing Gordon to (incorrectly) figure he’s after all the cops and not just the ones taking Penguin’s money only to find out that, well, he’s the only one who isn’t and the delivery company doesn’t have one for him.

Props to Gotham’s version of UPS:  they don’t ask questions about boxes with odd odors coming out of them or bloodstains on them.

Then again, they are COD and didn’t get paid.  More fool them.

So, anyhoo, here’s Professor Pyg, the guy who set up both the cops and the Penguin’s people to walk into a trap, and likes Gordon enough to warn him.  Sure, Penguin didn’t listen when Sofia said that teaming up with the GCPD is a bad idea because they always screw up eventually.  I mean, a city like Gotham wouldn’t need a Batman is the cops were on the ball more.  Besides, Penguin’s people are the usual colorful collection of oddballs and weirdos, including one Headhunter, a man who will not survive the episode, and Penguin really needs to find smarter people.  Harvey is (barely) crooked, but he is smart enough to know better than…wait, no, he was ignoring Jim’s advice not to walk into the booby trap just as much as Oswald.  Fortunately, automated machine guns can be avoided enough not to kill everyone.  A lot?  Sure, but Harvey and come other cops get out, and that means the Penguin’s bribes don’t work anymore.

And Professor Pyg is still wandering around out there somewhere.  He’s such a charming little psycho.

As for the rest of the episode…Bruce is now a Bad Boy that buys clubs and parties with wealthier rebel wannabes, and the show once again wants me to believe that Barbara is a criminal mastermind, which ain’t happenin’.  I don’t care how many bikers she shoots in the head at close range.  She’s not a mastermind.