August 16, 2022

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Only Murders In The Building “The Sting”

Season One, Episode Four

Wait, you mean I get an episode with both Sting and Tina Fey?  Sweet!

So, yeah, this episode starts with some good news:  Oliver’s bulldog Winnie will be fine.  Oliver’s son Will is a vet, and he took care of it.  Then again, at episode’s end, he also says he recognizes Mabel as trouble as she was friends with the murder victim once upon a time.  Now, these are roughly half-hour episodes for a ten-episode run, and they move at a brisk pace, so it’s not like that was going to stay a big secret forever.  At this point, this is about the three characters starting to open up again.  Oliver has to maybe admit he’s not that big a success anymore, but that certainly does look obvious to at least Charles.  Mabel needs to open up about, oh, anything.  And Charles…

See, Charles has a date with Jan, the bassoonist in the building.  She’s sweet, but he’s reluctant to say much of anything.  He’ll just continue to be haunted by what looks like Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig (or people in those costumes).  Charles will explain by episode’s end what happened, but first, well, he doesn’t want to.  It has to do with a relationship he used to have, his last one that went beyond a first date, and how he was trying to be a steady presence for the woman’s young daughter Lucy, someone he may or may not still have some contact with, but he was stuck on a family cruise by himself when the woman left with Lucy and the only company he had was…Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig.

I dunno.  Hanging out with Bugs seems pretty cool.  I mean, Porky I can see being a problem, but Bugs is cool.

But this episode is as much about that as it is the trio trying to figure out how to get a confession out of Sting.  Tim apparently lost a lot of money for Sting, enough to cost Tim his own job, and Sting was awfully curt with Oliver and Winnie.  So, maybe Sting is the killer and he tried to poison Winnie.  Stranger things have happened.  Charles manages to get a meeting with Fey’s Cinda Canning, host of the podcast the three all love, and she suggests maybe making something fresh to get in the door.  She did so once with a cooked turkey.  The three also use a turkey, but they come by with it early in the morning before Sting goes on tour, and it turns out…yeah, Sting didn’t hurt anybody.  He had yelled at Tim and thought he had pushed the young man to suicide, and that was why he was so grumpy with Oliver and Winnie.  Sting is actually happy there was a murder.  He may even get a new song out of it.

Sting is rather delightful, isn’t he?

Well, still no murderer.  Charles got a date.  He and Oliver are on alert for Mabel.  And she’s being followed by someone.

Maybe it’s Bugs Bunny.

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